Monday 11 December 2023

Frosted Personal Gift Box Naughty Adult Kink

Find the [Ds] Frosted - Personal Gift Box Naughty Adult Kink 25% off at the We Love Role Play event throughout December 2023

There is just one version of this box!

You may have already seen the other Frosted - Personal Gift Boxes that come in PG and Adult Vanilla.  Well this one is the NAUGHTY ADULT KINK version.  It does not come with the little fold out sleeping bag.  When you open the box the surprise is revealed, BARS.  This adorable innocent looking box will bring an unexpected gasp for the victim when it is revealed that they are locked into a single sitter RLV enabled cage!

There are typical cage sits, casual hanging out in a box sits, and some PEEPSHOW animations.  Make that boy or girl sub blush and do all sorts of fun things to themselves while you watch. Separate menus for male or female sitter for best adjustments.

Transforms from a simple box into an RLV CAGE!

Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu

12 Texture options

AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled

Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Land Impact 6

Strong LOD

Highly Detailed

Original Mesh

Original Hand Made Textures 

Matching items available - Igloo, Bauble, Gingerbread Conservatory, Candy Cane Trap and so much more!

Brrr!! The holiday season is so pretty, but it can be just a little bit on the chilly side, which is how the Frosted range got its name. We are dedicated to helping you have fun in the snow with a whole lot of snuggly, silly, cute and cuddly furniture and toys. With the Frosted range your holiday can be as naughty or as cutesy as your heart desires!

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Open the box and leave it open by clicking on the bow. 

Menu Structure