Friday 20 May 2016

New Hunt - Surf Into Summer 21 May - 21 June

For this new hunt I have something fun for your beach, an RLV Surfboard trap.  Its simple, sub sits, arranged for male or female victim.  It has cuffs from the menu.  Full RLV functionality.

Look for the surfboard hidden in the store to get yours!

Watch for the full featured Surfboard scene toy coming soon!

Monday 2 May 2016

New Item - Monarch Throne

Works as a regular chair in any setting with 
male (14) and female (14) sits 
tender couples cuddles (8) 
and slow dances (2)
Feeling kinky? 
Head for the Maledom and Femdom menus! 
No swapping is needed, all poses are aligned specifically for either gender. 
  *  Hanging out (6), 
  *  Tender sub moments (5), 
  *  Foot Fetish and some extras (8+), 
  *  Spanking, 
  *  Oral (7) 
  *  Sex (8) 

162 high quality animations inside.
There is a small Dictatorshop logo button on the lower back of the chair. That will give you a menu to change the leather color to any of the five choices: Deep Red, Deep Gray, Forest Green, Royal Blue or Royal Purple. 
It is possible to set that button for owner only to prevent tampering in the menu.
It has recently come to my attention that the new HOVER HEIGHT adjustment is causing some folks to have troubles with furniture. If you find that you are floating oddly, check that you are not using hover height while seated. Shoes bases can also move you up so a pose may look differently when barefoot vs wearing high heels. The poses are carefully arranged to give the least amount of trouble but it is an art not a science and differently sized/shaped avatars will run into some problems here and there.
This throne uses AvSitter and is set up so that if you allow the AvSitter experience on your land and accept it when you sit, it will auto attach the props (tablet reader, glass, cigarette, etc) without having to pop up a message each time.
This item is made with the high end settings turned on (bump and specular). I have attempted to make it look good in all graphic settings despite the differences in SL can be fairly large.

Sunday 1 May 2016

A New Month and New Things to Find and Buy!

Now that ROMP and the Dark Side events are over, the Secret Garden: Arbor Swings and their HUDS, and the Summer Pools Rezzer are now available directly in the store.  They are out on the patio to the left of the entrance rotunda.

There are two hunts going on in the store right now.
One very bright and one a bit more gothy, something for everyone.

The Nighmares & Fairy Tales Hunt

1-31 May - look for the crown.
I went and got all carried away making this one, it was a chair I started ages ago for valentines day but just never got around to finishing.  When I heard that the theme was Queen Alice, I got inspired!

The Hunt Prize:  Queen Alice Throne is a queen's throne and has a dozen or so single sits in it just for the queen to get comfy in.

Now, when you are in the store, don't confused by the fact that there is a new  Monarch Throne.  That is a "full" throne version based on the Oak Leaf Throne's engine.   So if you really like the style of this throne you have choices!

The Flowerage Hunt

1-31 May - look for the tulip
This item is a lighthearted summer spanker with sunflower puffers when it strikes.