Wednesday 14 February 2018

Valentine Round Up


I have so many brand treats for you right now its just crazy!  Since there are so many I decided to put them all in a nutshell for you to help get you to your perfect Valentine's Day prezzies!  You can read more about the items below in their individual posts.

Current Events:

The Valentine Tantra Chair and Lip Chairs/Thrones, Valentine Pillory, Valentine Suspension & Monarch Throne are 50% off TODAY ONLY in the Main Dictatorshop Store.

REDEUX - The Regal Throne and Bondage Stool are FIFTY PERCENT OFF REGULAR PRICE - sale price at Redeux only! Until 21 February.  These two items match the mirrors available at ROMP.

ULTRA with the new Contempo Ladies Chaise (as well as all the older Contempo pieces) 10 March.

COSMOPOLITAN -  New Valentine Heart Beds - 20% off.  (These match the bondage stool in the Bound Subscription box.)

THE FETISH FAIR -  The new Regal Mirrors 20% off. (These match the Regal Throne and Bondage Stool for sale at Redeux).

ROMP - The new Motorcycle (bondage) Bench and Bike (bondage) stool are featured here @ 20% off.  Also on sale 20% off are the XXL Bondage Crane and the Metal Ladder OMNI (these two only discounted at ROMP).

The Bound Box - Subscription Box -  The box has been released but you can buy still at the BOUND BOX HEADQUARTERS.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Contempo Ladies Chaise PG

This piece is a PG ladies lounger with lots of great animations for HER and includes new Bento animations.  It compliments all of the other Contempo living room and bondage furniture line.  It is an ULTRA exclusive until 10 March and is discounted 20% during the event. In fact, all of the Contempo living room and OMNI bondage pieces are 20% off ONLY AT ULTRA. 

It contains texture changing (via the Dictatorshop button on the back) to allow full matching with the existing Contempo furniture.

Monday 12 February 2018

Bound Box February 2018

The Bound box is a subscription box specifically for ladies in the lifestyle - be they Domme/Switch or sub.  It contains great items from a dozen different creators.  The items in it are exclusive for six months, so this is the only way to get them!

Now that the pre-orders have passed I can tell you all about the DICTATORSHOP item in the box!


This innocent looking stool is a full fledged OMNI version bondage stool.  This means it has menus for all four gender/dominance combos - F/m, F/f, M/f and M/m.  I have included a notecard for how to hide any menus you do not need.

The rings are hidden in cute little bows so that this piece can pass for a regular piece of bedroom furniture.

In fact there is a matching Valentine Heart Bed to pair with it for the whole effect.

The box has been released now, so the only place to purchase it is in the Bound Box Headquarters.

Saturday 10 February 2018

Valentine Heart Bed

Looking for a bit of romance for your bedroom?
Come check out the new [Ds] Valentine Heart Beds - M/F and F/F.  These will be sold exclusively at Cosmopolitan from 12-24 February and are priced 20% off regular price - so only L$ 1996!

This lovely bed has a modest land impact of 18 and comes in 8 colors to best fit your decor.  Use Dictatorshop logo on the back of the headboard to change textures. A white version is included in case you would like to tint it yourself.

The menus in both are carefully divided into logical sub menus to help you get easily to whichever activity you desire without lots of poke poke and guesswork.

There are light bondage menus in these items which rez rope cuffs on the sub but there are no scary chains.  The M/F does have one "rough" sex menu without bondage.

 There are no PG versions of the beds at this time, but I have included instructions on how to hide any menus you do not wish to use for anyone not looking for the kink.

Monday 5 February 2018

The SHOP in Dictatorshop

The ROMP shopping event runs from 10-24 February and to celebrate I am releasing TWO new items to be sold there exclusively during the event AND marked down 20% off regular price!

The Bike Lift Stool - Adult OMNI

This innocent looking work bike lift stool contains a full OMNI bondage stool inside.

It has solo G rated sits, as well as solo submissive sits for male or female.

It contains specific menus for

  • Male Dominant / female sub
  • Female Dominant / male sub
  • Female Dominant / female sub
  • Male Dominant / male sub

Each of the gender/dominance menu sets are broken down into logical sub menus to help guide the user to the type of play he/she has in mind.

The Motorcycle Lift Bench  - Adult OMNI

This ordinary looking work motorcycle lift bench contains a full OMNI bondage bench inside.

It contains specific menus for

  • Male Dominant / female sub
  • Female Dominant / male sub
  • Female Dominant / female sub
  • Male Dominant / male sub

Each of the gender/dominance menu sets are broken down into logical sub menus to help guide the user to the type of play he/she has in mind.

Great for unexpected role play opportunities.

These two items, the XXL Engine Crane and Metal Bondage Ladder have been around a while but I have set them down at ROMP since they are in the Shop line of products with the new lift bench and stool.  They are also 20% off (only at the event, not in the MP or main store)

Friday 2 February 2018

Bound Box February

The BOUND BOX is a subscription box aimed at the ladies - Domme/sub/Switch it's all good!

Like other subscription boxes you buy it in advance (it's a SURPRISE what you get).  Then on release day - February 12th - you get a HUD delivered automatically to you.

The HUD has all of the 12 items on it and you click each of them and the items are delivered.

You can see what has been in the previous boxes here:


The clothing and accessories items are usually the FatPack version so you get lots of fun stuff for a very good price.  This round I have gone all out to bring the ladies something full of unexpected bondage - it is even the OMNI version so the bondage covers M/f, F/m, F/f and M/m and includes full RLV functionality.  It will also have TEN texture options.  Similar OMNI items in the shop go for L$ 2995 all by themselves, so without telling you what I am slipping into this Bound Box, I can tell you that THIS box is going to be a real steal!

You need to buy the subscription box BEFORE 12 FEBRUARY to get it for L$1500.  The price increases to L$2000 for the 24 hours after it is released and after that it goes up to L$3500.  The items inside are exclusive to the box for six whole months so this is the only way to get them for a loooong time!

You can buy from the kiosk near the main store entrance here:

Regal Mirrors

The Fetish Fair is open 2-16 February and I have brought you something extra fun to play with just for the occasion!

Introducing the Regal Mirrors.  A nice match up to the other Regal items.

25% off during the Fetish Fair!

The Regal Mirror - Adult Version

The ADULT version comes with two rezzing mirrors inside - the ADULT (kinky) one, of course, but also a PG version for when it is just an ordinary piece of furniture.

The Adult rezzing mirror has a full OMNI bondage cross engine (M/f, F/m, F/f & M/m specific menus) inside, complete with RLV and auto rezzing props.

The PG rezzing mirror has 50 of its own quality animations inside -  single and couples animations, including dances, cuddles and primping.

The mirrors can be told apart as the PG is vertical and the ADULT one is at a bit of a tilt to accommodate the naughty animations inside.

The two different mirrors and color changing can be accessed from the Dictatorshop logo on the lower base behind.

The Regal Mirror - PG Version

The PG version of the mirror is a single piece mirror with all the same things in it as the PG rezzing  mirror above.  This one is great if you like the style but don't need the kink.

The Regal Wall Mirror - PG Version

Since it occurred to me that some folks might like this item as a simple wall mirror I made one of those as well.  The mirror extends all the way to the floor (so more mirror surface than the one on the base) so that you can set it up without worrying about the height from the floor.  Just set it at floor height against a wall and it's good to go.

There are built in camera settings for this (and the PG mirror) to keep your camera out of the wall, just hit escape once or twice when you sit to get oriented.

The wall mirror is only available in PG as a tilt is required for the adult animations.