Saturday 4 June 2016

Fun on the Beach Surfboard - in PG and Adult Versions!

 Today, in celebration of summer on the way I have a fun new toy for you, the Fun in on the Beach Surfboard in PG and Adult versions.

The Adult version features 120 animations. The PG version features 47 animations (a subset of the adult version).

Both versions include a color changer with 5 color options (the control button is on the back of the surfboard).  There is also an option to hide the sand in the event that it doesnt fit with your decor.  Note: If you disappear the sand, be sure to drop the toy down so that the black on the fins is not showing to ensure that the poses are at the correct height.

Poses include:

  • Single Stands & Sit (5)
  • Dances (3)
  • Cuddles (9)
  • Kisses (7)

  • All of the PG above, plus:
  • Foreplay (2)
  • Oral for Her (3)
  • Oral for Him (7)
  • FaceOn Sex (2)
  • RearEntry Sex (8)
  • Femdom (8)
  • Maledom (8)
  • Give cuffs for Male or Female from menu
  • Gives a feather for the tickle poses
 Adult Version

PG Version

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Exclusive Hypno Throne - Twisted Summer Summer of Love - Relay for Life Event

I made this hypnotic new throne to be sold exclusively this month at the Relay for Life event - Twisted Summer of Love.  100% of the L$2999 price goes to Relay for Life to help fight cancer!

It works as a regular chair in any setting with male (14) and female (14) sits as well as tender couples cuddles (8).

Feeling kinky? Head for the Maledom and Femdom menus for that something extra.  Each of these menus is broken down by activity to help you get on with the having of fun rather than the figuring out of furniture.  :-)

  • Hanging out (6)
  • Tender sub moments (5)
  • Foot Fetish and some extras (8+)
  • Spanking
  • Oral (7)
  • Sex (8)
Props are auto attached (uses experience so it does not have to ask every time).  A tablet for reading, cigarettes for the smokers, wine glasses and so on.

It knows if your avatar is a female or male shape so when you sit you are always in the right spot, no swapping needed.

There are three included fabrics, the psychedelic, solid black velvet and solid purple velvet.  These options are accessible from the Dictatorshop button the back of the chair.  It is possible to have the swirl spin, or not, and also to change it to a solid black or purple, as you like.