Sunday 28 January 2018

Valentine Tantra Chair

The Valentine Tantra Chair is out at the Cosmopolitan shopping event.  It is specially price during the event for only L$476!

This cute chair comes with 10 color choices inside it (just use the logo button to change them). 

It comes only in a M/F ADULT version with over 100 quality animations. 

This is a vanilla piece with lots of fun sex in it, perfect for Valentines festivities and all around naughty good fun!

I have it in the main shop now to try out, but it is sold exclusively at Cosmo until 11 February.

Thursday 25 January 2018

Events in February 2018

Dear Dictatorshoppers,

I have gone crazy this month and you can expect to find Dictatorshop showing up all over the place at Jan/Feb shopping events!

Currently @ 

ULTRA shopping event with the new Chesterfield Ladies Chaise (as well as all the older Chesterfields) until 10 February

Cosmopolitan shopping event with the Lip Chairs and Thrones until 27 January.

Upcoming @

Cosmopolitan shopping event - opens 28 Jan -11 Feb

The Fetish Fair - opens 2-16 February (with that lovely mirror in the image above)

ROMP - opens 10-24 February

The Bound Box - Subscription Box - on sale now (kiosk is in main store) and is delivered 12 February.

ULTRA shopping event - opens 14 Feb - 10 Mar

Redeux shopping event - opens 14 - 21 Feb

And here is a sneak peek at what you can expect to find at ROMP!

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Chesterfield Ladies Chaise

This fine quality Chesterfield Ladies Chaise is made with the discriminating lady in mind.  There are special menus just for her and PG couples and socializing.

I decided to make this one without adult in it since it is an accessory to the other chesterfield pieces where there is plenty of naughtiness to be found. 

It contains texture changing (via the Dictatorshop button on the back) to allow full matching with the existing Chesterfields and matching bondage pieces.

The Chesterfield Ladies Chaise is sold exclusively at the ULTRA shopping event sim priced at only L$ 799 until 10 February.

There is a copy in the main shop for viewing now.

Lip Chairs and Thrones

 Valentines Day is coming!!!

I had never seen a lip chair with mustache and did not turn up any images of it when googling it.  *gasp*   So it simply had to be made LOLOL!!! I am selling them as a set so that if everyone hates it I just do not have to know.

These sets are available at COSMOPOLITAN until Jan 27th 20% off regular prices:

Lip Chairs PG Set only L$ 400

Lip Thrones Adult Set only L$ 1356

That's two thrones for the price of one!!!

Both chairs/thrones in each set have the same sit engine in them. With over 40 animations in the PG versions and over 150 in the ADULT versions. 

The female lips have a land impact of four, while the male mustache lips are five.

There are 11 lip colors for the female lips and seven color combos for the male mustache lips.  Both come with a white tint-able shade for achieving that perfect match for your decor.

The chairs are out in main shop to see in case you have trouble getting into the Cosmo shopping sim, they will be on sale in the shop on the 27th.