Friday 21 December 2018

Valentine Stool

The [Ds] Valentine Bondage Stool - Adult Kink OMNI Version is a full bondage stool engine tucked away gracefully in this decorative bedroom stool.   A previous version of this stool was called [Ds] Boudoir Stool - Adult OMNI Version 1.0 PKG and was in The Bound Box for February 2018.  I have renamed it to match with the Valentine Heart Bed which is of the same style as the stool.

Both version of the stools come with 10 textures. Configuration Button (external):  To change the textures find the small Dictatorshop logo button found in the folds on the back of the stool directly under the ring and bow.

 The fabrics of the stool do not match the ones in the bed exactly but there is a pure white one that can be tinted to match anything in your decor.

The PG SINGLE SITTER version has 10 sits in it for one person to hang out.  All the style, none of the adult content.

Secret Garden: Arbor with Swing Updates

 As part of my simplification process for 2019 I have been rolling many of the older items that had texture HUDs (previously sold separately) all up into a single fatpack.  Today I have sent out an update to everyone who had purchased the Adult or PG versions of the Secret Garden Arbor Swing with all 8 available HUDs in it.

If you have the current versions of the swing out (that is 1.7 for the adult one or 1.0a for the PG one) there is no need to rez again.  The actual swing in the package did not change, I simply added the HUDs for you to use.

If you did not get the update or clicked it away by mistake, just use the REDELIVERY KIOSK at the Info Desk near the front entrance of the store to send it to yourself again.

Thursday 20 December 2018


 If you own any of the versions of the ELEGANCE, SOPHISTICATE, OR ARISTOCRAT BEDS you will have received an update today.

As part of my early "New Years Resolution" for 2019 I am doing some house cleaning and removing older products.  In the case of the beds mentioned above I have rolled up all of the texture HUDs which were previously sold separately  into a single FATPACK for you.

The actual beds have not changed so no need to rez out the one from the update.  But now you have the option to use any of the HUDs  made for that bed.

They are boxed up separately inside and have pictures on the top so you can rez them out and have a look at the textures.
I decided that would be easier to understand than having all of the files loose in the contents.

If for any reason you did not get the update - just use the REDELIVERY KIOSK at the info desk in the main shop to deliver it again.

The price has not changed so if you have been thinking about buying one of these beds, now is a great time!

Monday 10 December 2018

Chesterfield Coffee Table

Customers have been asking me to create a table for the Chesterfield Set and since I always listen to my peeps, here it is!

The Chesterfield Coffee Table is available at SWANK until the end of the month for 20% off during the event.

This table uses the same engine found in the Vespera, Verve, and Tropicality sets.

The adult version features the MISSterbator 6000 ride on sex toy as well as lots of fun sex animations to let you "ride him like a sex machine".  There are also lots of solo "diddles" for putting on a show or just having some fun.

Both versions feature fun sits and lounges as well as dances that range from silly to silky.  The physics of the table will also allow you to stand on it and use any of your own dances if you like.

Texture change allows you to adjust the table to best fit your decor.  Use the Dictatorshop logo to get that menu.

Friday 7 December 2018

Frosty Swing

The Frosty Swing has arrived in time for the holidays and winter decorating!

It is for sale exclusively at the Seduction Fair from 7- 21 December 20% off.

The Frosty Swing comes in two versions sold separately:

[Ds] Frosty Swing - PG 

This version rezzes only the PG version of the swing (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).  It contains 125 animations with a large variety of individually controlled single sits as well as lots of fun PG cuddles, kisses and socializing.

[Ds] Frosty Swing - Multiversion 

This version has a choice of three rezzable swings inside (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).

PG Swing - (same as above)

AdultVanilla Swing - contains over 225 quality animations with all of the PG content as well as lots of fun sex for those not needing the kinkier stuff.

AdultKink Swing - contains over 285 quality animations with all of the above content in addition to some Femdom and Maledom "livingroom bondage" fun.

Please note that this version of the swing is 13 Land impact rather than the 12 of the others, the extra scripts added one.



The Frosty Swing brings a winter element to your decor with rich holiday colors and a festive snowman.

Choose the version of the swing you want from the Dictatorshop logo on the back base of the tree.

The swing will re-rez automatically if the tree is moved so that everything is always properly aligned.

It really ROCKS!  Click the left (as you are sitting) arm to start and stop it, or use the ROCK button in the menu to toggle the rocking off and on.

Auto rezzing props such as coffee, wine and popcorn are great for hanging out.  Naughtier props rezz in the adult swings.  :-)