Tuesday 10 October 2017

Dragon Throne update!

By popular demand I have created a G rated SINGLE SITTER version of the Dragon Throne in time for your spooky October decorations.  I have marked both thrones HALF OFF to celebrate.  Get the Adult version for only L$ 1498 and the Single Sitter for only L$ 398 in the main shop only!

Friday 6 October 2017

Bound Subscription Box - Dictatorshop Inside

UPDATE:  See what's in the box!!!

Dictatorshoppers,  Have you heard of the Bound Box?  It is a subscription box.  It is directed toward ladies (for now) and is intended for Dommes, subs or anywhere in between.  It is for sale until its release on 12 October.  If you buy it before that it is L$ 1500 and it goes up from there if you want it after it is released.

There are a dozen designers with an item in the box.  This is the second edition.  There is an unpacking video someone did of the first one. In case you would like to see the sorts of things inside.

Ladies, you are going to LOVE what I have in store for you. I went way overboard on it (heh as with most of my toys...) I can't tell you exactly what all is going on in the box (wouldn't want to ruin the surprise) but you WILL enjoy it.  And the item is exclusive to the box for six whole months so this is the only way to get it.

There is a kiosk in the main store  for you to purchase the box.  It will then be delivered to you on the 12th automatically when it's time.

Introducing The Regal @ Black Fair

Dictatorshoppers I have something very special for you today! Introducing the Regal Throne and Stool.  These highly detailed pieces are going to knock your socks off.  They are available in ADULT versions as well as single sitter versions.  There is also a fat pack of all four pieces that allows you to save over L$ 1000 when you get the whole set.

All are are 20% off exclusively at The Black Fair: The Absence  from 6-20 October.

The Regal Thrones are 15 land impact and the stools are 10.  When you see the detail and how solid the LODs are I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Regal Throne packs over 160 quality animations for your enjoyment.  They are set up primarily for hetero couples and include menus for male or female dominants.

There are five metal colors and eight velvets included.

The props are auto-rezzing and can be set to auto wear with the AvSitter experience (see readme notecard inside for how to do that). 

If you are familar with the other Dictatorshop thrones you will find the menus familar.

The Regal Throne - Single Sitter Version has 30 quality animations with menus for him or her.  These are great for when you want all the style and none of the kink.

The Regal Bondage Stool brings some serious luxury to your play!  Unlike other thrones currently this one has a Vanilla menu for hanging out - in addition to the bondage menus.  It even has a "display" menu where it has the mirrored versions of the sits - suitable for a stool on either side of the throne for that total luxe setup.

The stool is RLV enabled allowing you to capture and control the sitter, restrict, strip, etc.

It has the matching metals and velvets of the thrones.

The Single Sitter Guest Stool has 25 animations divided male, female and unisex.