Friday 20 November 2020

Dystopia Pony

 The Dystopia Pony will be available off at the Man Cave Event until 12 Dec and is priced 20% off!

The Dystopia Pony, like its cousin the Dystopia Body Trap, is a single sitter item.  It is a sub display in an unyielding metal inspired by an old fashioned saddle rack.  The Pony can handle male or female subs and will have them wiggling in their chairs just looking at it!


  • Contains 37 animations
  • Fully RLV enabled
  • Auto-rezzing rope cuffs
  • Use for displaying male or females
  • Six metal choices (from logo on back end)

Monday 16 November 2020

PORT ROYAL Dining Table

 The [Ds] PORT ROYAL Dining Table is for sale 20% off exclusively at the COSMOPOLITAN SHOPPING EVENT 15-28 Nov. 

The Port Royal Dining Table comes in two versions:  Adult Vanilla and PG/Everyone. 

The only difference between the versions is that the PG lacks the Adult/sex menus.  Both versions feature:

 ** Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change and rez table cloth menu

    ** 10 woods, 5 metals, 15+ fabrics - including changes for the table cloth, the runner, place mats and chair seats

    ** Copy/Mod/No Transfer

    ** Land Impact:

                Just table and chairs = 19 Li

                Rezzing table cloth with place settings = 10

                Each rezzed meal from the table cloth is 1 Li each

    ** Strong LOD

    ** Highly Detailed

    ** Original Mesh (except for a couple of decor props)

    ** Original Hand Made Textures

    ** Auto rezzing props via AVSitter

    ** Matching items available - Chair, Mirror, Console Cage, Loveseat, Sofa, Bench, Stool, Bed, Pool Table

The Port Royal Dining Table is a piece designed to blend wonderfully into any grand or palatial setting. It will be perfectly at home on your veranda or in your salon. Part of the Port Royal range, it will fit right into any luxury space.

The Port Royal range is ornate and stately, recalling the best of the fusion of local West Indies and imported British design during colonial times. Gorgeous exotic hardwoods, turned and highly polished to show off the rich grain combined with practical yet beautiful linens, both plain and printed. A wide range of finishes allows you effortlessly to co-ordinate with your decor.

This is one fancy pants dining table, fit for royalty. Only the very best china, and the finest silverware, were used in making this wondrous thing. Full featured menus for food and drink and beautiful decor might just tempt you into over-indulging, but don't worry... there are all sorts of fun cuddles and sex to work off the extra calories! Invite your friends over and have a perfect get together, or just diner a deux... it's a glorious thing and your life will be so much the richer for it!


Rez out the table.  When rezzed alone it is 19 land impact.  To eat you will want to rez the 10 Li table cloth with the place settings.  


The reason for the rezzing is that I have planned a kinky trap for the table but due to SL technical issues it was not ready at the time of this release.  

Once it is available I will offer those desiring the kink to do a discounted update to the fuller featured later version.

Once you have rezzed the table cloth, click on center table runner to get the decor menu.  From there you can choose the following options:

        DecorSolo - these are centerpieces that will vanish if you rez food (since they take up too much room)

        DecorFood - these are centerpieces that will stay rezzed when you rez food as they fit between the dishes - a Candelabra, Pointsettia and roses in three colors

        FoodService - The center serving platters for Roast Beef, Salmon and Turkey

        Fabrics - lets you choose your fabrics (or simply hide) the cloth, runner and/or place settings.  

        CLEAR TABLE - removes the table cloth, additional rezzed items will disappear after a minute (depending on sim lag)

Please be aware that the texture change menus stick on whatever you used last, so you may need to hit up a few times until you are at the top level.

Each of the side chairs has single sits, sensibly organized so that you can find what you want quickly.  The sitter can click on their place setting when the table cloth is rezzed and may choose what food appears in front of them, giving variety from starters, to main courses, to desserts.

The end chairs are where you will find the couples menus which cuddles and sex (as well as dining).

To cuddle or use the sex menu, you must be seated in the end chairs. The normal eating, drinking and socialising options for those chairs are found by clicking the table. (the end chairs are attached because for some of the couple stuff, the chair has to move relative to the table).

To sit, right click your chair and sit on it. Choose the appropriate animation for what you want to do - eating and drinking animations will auto-rezz cutlery and glasses in your hands.

To eat or drink, click your placemat and choose from the extensive menus to find your perfect meal!


The table rezzes all sorts of goodies to complete your dining experience. Click on the table to set or clear it, and access the seating and couples menus for the chairs at the ends. The full setting with table, table cloth, center dishes and each of the 8 food place settings is under 50 prims (usually around 46).

When setting the table, choose your options from:

Linen Colors: Includes not only those matching the rest of the port royal fabric combinations but also an assortment of seasonal fabrics for tablecloth and runner to suit any mood!

Central Items: Just Candles, just flowers, Desserts, Mains, Starters, Mixes of food and candles or food and flowers... lots of combinations to choose from!


Choose from 10 woods, 5 metals and 15+ fabric options … just click the logo button the leg under the table, the whole leg is clickable for the menu!

Test it out In-world.

Purchase it at COSMOPOLITAN