Friday 14 April 2017

Update to The XXL Engine Crane arriving today.

Hi all, I am just sending out the update to the XXL Engine Crane - version 1.1.  There were a few things that needed correction.  Details of what changed are in the packing crate with the updated crane.  Everyone who purchased it should receive the update automatically.  If you didn't get your update you can use the redelivery terminal in the main shop to get the item delivered again.

Saturday 1 April 2017


The XXL Engine Crane is designed to suit any combination of Dom or sub.
  • Male Dom / female sub  
  • Female Dom / male sub  
  • Male Dom / male sub  
  • Female Dom / female sub
It also has solo m/f poses to allow for roleplay.
The XXL Engine crane is fully RLV enabled, capture, strip, restrict etc.
The included attachments will auto-wear if you are using the AvSitter experience and this trap features some unique ones - a fan belt spanker, a socket wrench dildo, a knife for a bit of edge play and a feather for tickling.
 There is an optional rezzable engine - 23 Land Impact (not shown in prim count since it is not required) - it it is rezzed from the small Dictatorshop button at the base of the trap.
There is a built in help button with information about the system as well as full owner manual to show how you can adjust the RLV settings or remove any of the D/s top level menus you may not need.
This item has two textures available - the default is "used/worn" and there is also a "new" one for those who might need it. 
The XXL Engine Crane is suitable for most industrial settings, particularly garages or other automotive or motorcycle settings. 
Watch for additional items of this type in the near future!