Saturday 12 November 2016

Introducing the Elegance Bed with Texture HUD system

This bed available exclusively at the TWE12VE event until the end of the month  There is a demo version in the main shop to try out.

The new Elegance Bed brings a whimsical touch to your bedroom with its smooth curves and elegant legs.  It comes with the Autumn Swirls HUD (textures shown right) included.  The other HUDs shown are all sold separately.

The beauty of this system is that you can change your bedding any time you like without having to buy a new bed.  There are eight metal textures for headboard and base, and each HUD gives five fabric choices.  Additional HUDs will become available over time and I am open to suggestions if you have something special you are looking for.

The Elegance Bed features over 280 animations linked with logical menus and sub menus.
The Individual menu allow each sitter to control their own pose (without affecting the pose of the other sitter).  This gives you flexibility when you are just hanging out.

  • Individual
    • Female Sits/Lays
    • Male Sits/Lays
  • Cuddles - broken up by type.
    • HerTopCuddles
    • HimTopCuddles
    • Curled
    • OnSides
    • Kisses
  • Massages
    • For Him
    • For Her
  • Sex
    • Oral4Her
    • Oral4Him
    • HerTopForward
    • HerTopReversed
    • HimTop
    • HimBehind
  • Femdom
    • Tied Play*
    • Tied Strap-On Sex*
  • Maledom
    • Tied Play*
    • Tied Sex*
    • Rough
* Rezzes ropes for the tied poses.