Wednesday 15 November 2017

Updates today!


I found a couple little bugs that needed squashing today so I am sending out updates for the Contempo Sofas (both PG and Adult) and the Rustic Chairs (both PG and Adult).   If you did not get yours for any reason, just use the redelivery kiosk in the main shop to redeliver you the very latest version.  You can use this method any time to check if you have the latest of something or have misplaced the original package.

I test extensively and take great attention to detail with my items before I release them but things do get through occasionally.  So if you ever notice anyting "off" with a Dictatorshop product please drop me a notecard and let me know.  I am always happy to correct any issues and send an update so that the products you buy in the shop are the very best they can be!

Friday 10 November 2017

November Madness 50% off everything in the main shop!!!*


 I have a treat for you! Starting today until the 27th of Nov. the entire main shop is set 50% off.  * The sale includes everything  except for gift cards and the new items sold exclusively at ROMP and Cosmopolitan.

About the sale: 
There are specially marked multi-vendors that are  set 50% off and the price you pay reflects this.
(no additional refund is given)

All other unmarked vendors in the store  will pay you the 50% discount  immediately upon payment.

These prices do not come around often so snap them up while you can!

Thursday 9 November 2017

Contempo Bondage Post

The latest piece of the Contempo set is here  - the Contempo Bondage Post debuts at ROMP

As with the rest of the Contempo Bondage furniture the Post comes with five versions.  The OMNI version contains all the menus for all four of the gender/dominance combination M/f, F/m, F/f, and M/m.   Each of the other four versions contains the gender/dominance specific set of menus.

The  ROMP : Elegant Kink event runs 11-25 November all five versions of the Post are sold exclusively at the event and are will be on special ROMP pricing:

OMNI 4-IN-1  - Only L$ 1995 - regular price L$ 2995

MALE DOM / female sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

FEMALE DOMME / male sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

FEMALE DOMME / female sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

MALE DOM / male sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

See the rest of the Contempo line in the SL Marketplace.

Sunday 5 November 2017

New RUSTIC SET begins!


The Rustic pieces are now available in combo packs =  extra savings!

Introducing the new beginning of the new Rustic furniture set.  The Sofa and Chair (with full throne functionality).  These items will be available exclusively (and at a 20% discount) at the Cosmopolitan shopping event from 6-18 November.

There are adult versions of both Sofa and Chair as well as a PG version of the sofa and a single sitter/guest version of the chair.  Each of the pieces has 15 fabric and 5 wood textures to allow you to best suit it to your decor.

[Ds] Rustic Chair - Adult M/F Version - Regularly L$ 1995
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 1596

[Ds] Rustic Sofa - Adult M/F Version - Regularly L$  699
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 560

[Ds] Rustic Sofa - PG M/F Version - Regularly L$ 2495
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 1996

 [Ds] Rustic Chair - Single Sitter - Regularly L$ 349 
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 280

5x wood and 15x fabric choices