Saturday 19 March 2016

NEW!!! Modern Bondage Trellis

This trellis is completely ordinary and 5 Li when rezzed out (not even anything in the main prim's contents). 
The secret is the small Dictatorshop logo button on the back. Click that and you have OPTIONS!
OPTION: Texture: your choice of six realistic wood textures to match your decor
OPTION: RedRoses: this optional rezzable is just for decoration. It is 9 prims and sports a pretty butterfly and great mesh detail.
OPTION: Cuddle Grass (adds 2 Li): This is strictly rated G and is safe to leave out all the time without shocking the neighbors. The grass can be a bit tricky to sit on so the prim is set to sit on click, just mouse over it and click. 
22 Couples animations 
  • 2 slow dances  
  • 7 kisses
  • 6 cuddles 
  •  6 fun lifted poses 
  •  1 chit chat standing pose (the default when you sit)
OPTION: Trap MaleDom & Trap FemDom (adds 8 Li): These RLV Enabled traps are separated by if the dominant is male or female to allow for the best RLV experience. They work fine without RLV as well though. Dominant receives wearables for Dildo, Cane Spanker, and Feather when using those poses where they are needed. Allow the AvSitter experience and they will auto attach without a dialog box.
18 Couples animations + 20 solo bondage poses 
Couples (chained): 
  • 9 hang play 
  •  9 hang sex 
Solos (chained): ** 
  • 6 ground sits 
  • 8 ground kneels 
  • 6 hangs
** In order to get easily to the solo poses it is easiest if the dominant is not sitting (since there is no pose for them with these). Click the rug, and use the "menu" option to get to the poses available to the submissive. It may take a moment after you click because AvSitter checks for a relay on the sub for the RLV features.
The cuffs are available only in the submissive's menu. To get to that while sitting the dominant needs to go to control and then menu to see the options available for the submissive. There are both male and female sized cuffs available in both traps.
A blindfold is also available, in two parts, a wearable item and a hud. It is not scripted, and works by adding a big black prim to the submissive's field of view (HUD Center). Unless the sub is RLV restricted it is possible to right click and detach the hud.
OPTION: Clear Roses & Clear Toys - remove the rezzable items

Buy in-world here

Buy in the SL Marketplace here

It's been blogged!

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Throne Sale - 40% off for March!

Buy the Throne in-world and save 40% until 1 April!
Don't miss out.

Friday 11 March 2016

Special Offer for Black Widow Whip Owners

Hello Dictatorshoppers!

I have a special deal right now for people who have purchased their Black Widow Whip through the SL Marketplace.  Leave a review HERE and receive a free L$ 150 gift card good for anything in the in-world store.***  Just leave the review and drop a notecard on Dictatorshop Resident to let me know you did and I will send out the gift card asap so you can start shopping!

***except the gacha machines, which are unable to process gift cards, sorry.

Sunday 6 March 2016

In the Blogosphere!

A few new blog posts about the Modern Bondage Bed (and add-ons) from Dictatorshop

Prima Purrfect

I really LOVE this bed. It’s packed with poses for everyone’s varying tastes and looks fantastic in my bedroom. There are add-ons you can buy such as the Trap (which is an RLV piece) that rez from the bed. So many options are available for the bedsheets as well. To change the bedsheets, there’s a HUD you wear or one you can rez (in case both partners want to decide on the sheets together) that allows you to change the bedsheets, wood color, and lock metal color. Dictatorship has loads of options you can purchase to match any room style.  Read more.

Second Life Adult Furniture and Equipment

We all did love and accepted with open arms first and new bed from Dictatorshop, judging from your feed back my dear readers. Full review on the bed you can read again here if u did miss it: LINK

But Dictatorshop Resident, in her constant work to provide better and more sophisticated products, released not only update of the bed, that she did send to all previous buyers, and that you can redelivered updated for free any time you like in Dictatorshop in world store, but also released new expansion for the bed, [Ds] TRAP.  Read more.


So many poses, so many texture’s .. great menu..
BDSM menu in it, and really its AWSOME!..
only playing with the menu and the huds to change texture was lots of fun.. Read more.

Laura's Lair

The Dictatorshop is showcasing the Modern Bondage Bed at the KTN Creators Festival! And I must say, this is quite an impressive piece of furniture from its texture huds, animations, down to the rezzable props. The animations are smooth (and quite distracting for a blogger trying to post about it, lol). The menu is easy to understand - including cuddles and lays, with separate tabs for sex and bdsm, male OR female in charge.

Friday 4 March 2016

KTN Creators Festival is on!

During the
the Modern Bondage Bed on sale there will donate 30% to the event's charity the Tibetian Education Fund.  The two exclusive texture huds will donate 50%.

 So if you have been looking for a good time to buy the bed, now is it!  Get your kink on and help little kids at the same time.

Be sure to look for the little blue scissors at the booth, 10 lindens (5 goes to the charity) with a fun little copy item inside.

Exclusive HUDS (donating 50% to charity)

Thursday 3 March 2016

New Texture Add-On HUD - Retro Abstracts

This bold abstract print will bring lots of color to your room with that retro touch.

This and all other huds can be viewed on an actual bed in the shop from the rezzing vendor.  Just choose the HUD that interests you and click the < rez > button at the top center of the vendor.  To the right in the big black box the HUD will rez out.  Click the navigation at the top to see the various sides of the HUD that allow you to change all components in the bed.

Wednesday 2 March 2016

New Add-On Texture HUD for the Modern Bondage Bed - Pastel Bows 1 & 2

I couldn't decide which of these pastel colors was prettiest, so I made two sets so I could use them all!  Add some springtime to your bed with this latest HUD.

Tuesday 1 March 2016


For the entire month of March the Twisted Hunt is going on.  Over 100 stores with free prizes to be found and claimed!  Meet the Twisted Easter Bunny Trap.  The prize box is within 30m of the landing. Look for the spinning box.