Saturday 16 December 2017

Winter Blankets 2017 @ Cosmopolitan Shopping Event

There are two style of blanket available in both Adult and PG versions.  Each blanket comes with 5 textures inside, either of Christmassy or Snowflake designs.  These blankets are packed full of quality animations and the rich fabrics will add pizzazz to your holiday decor.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

12 Days and Christmas Gift Card 50% OFF Discount


If you missed the big Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales then you are in luck!  All Dictatorshop gift cards are 50% OFF their face value from now until Christmas!

These cards do not expire and you can even use them on yourself if you like.  So give the gift of kink this holiday season!!!

These cards CAN be used on all the latest items - including the Rustic set which were not part of the previous sales as well as the miSLED items that are event exclusives at Winter Trends 2017 and Cosmopolitan.  All of the items mentioned are set up in the main shop to try out with landmark givers to where you can buy them.

I have added a page here in the blog about keeping yourself safe when using gift cards:

When you purchase the gift cards you receive the card itself, (it is not boxed and should NEVER  be unpacked as that will break and invalidate it).  This allows you to pass that card directly to the person you want to gift it to at the time and place of your choosing.

To use the card, come to any Dictatorshop store vendor for the desired item.  Wear the card and click the vendor of the item (if it is a multi-vendor be sure the item you want is showing in the big center panel).  Tbe clicked item should show up on the bottom right portion of the gift card, once it does, click buy now.

You can see the amount of credit on your gift card by the hovertext over the card.  If your desired item costs more than the amount you have available on the gift card it will ask you for debit permissions.  This is a valid use of debit permissions but it can be scary for folks because it gives an object access to your Linden dollars in order to pay the difference between your credit and the total due.   If you are uncomfortable granting permissions**, do not despair! There is a little terminal on the information desk at the front of the main store where you can "top off" your gift card with exactly the amount you need to buy your desired gift and then no debit permissions are required.

  1. Wear the gift card (so that it appears on your HUD)
  2. Pay the terminal to increase the gift card balance
  3. Purchase as outlined above.

Friday 8 December 2017

Winter Trends 2017 - 8-22 December


I wanted to add some naughtiness to your winter decorations and here is second sled that dreamed up!

The miSLED Standing Bondage is an OMNI item - meaning it has menus set up specifically for all the gender/dominance combinations: M/f, F/m, F/f and M/m.

There is a FULL bondage cross in this innocent looking item, complete with full RLV functionality to capture, restrict, strip, set a timer, etc.  Needed items auto rez/wear.

It even comes with a free snowball giver to add some mischief to the naughtiness.  Invite some friends to join in the games!

There are four paints and four wood textures available via the logo button on the back.  This item is sold copy/mod/no transfer and  has a land impact of 13.  It has a rock solid LOD which will keep it from deforming at distance, even at lower graphic settings.

The miSLED Standing Bondage is sold exclusively at the Winter Trends 2017 Shopping Event with a 30% discount until December 22, after that it will be in the main store and market place.

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Cosmopolitan Shopping Event - 3-17 December


I wanted to add some naughtiness to your winter decorations and here is one of the two sleds I dreamed up!  The miSLED Bench Bondage is an OMNI item - meaning it has menus set up specifically for all the gender/dominance combinations: M/f, F/m, F/f and M/m.  There is a FULL bondage bench in this innocent looking item!

There are two parts to the sled, the sled (which contains all the bondage) and the rezzing blankets which have all the cuddles, foreplay, oral and sex for each of the four combinations in a separate winter plaid blanket which is rezzed from the small logo button on the back.  The blanket helps keep that innocent sled look right up until it is stripped away.

The system is set up so that if someone sits on the sled portion (or is captured) the blanket is removed.  The bondage portion contains full RLV functionality and can capture, restrict, etc.  The sub should sit (or be captured) first and there are menus to allow you to pose your victim without having to be sitting on the sled yourself (as with most of Dictatorshop bondage items).

There are four paints and four wood textures available via the logo button on the back.  This item is sold copy/mod/no transfer and  has a land impact of 12  for the sled and 2 for the blanket when rezzed.  It has a rock solid LOD which will keep it from deforming at distance, even at lower graphic settings.

The miSLED Bench Bondage is sold exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Shopping Event with a 20% discount  until December 17, after that it will be in the main store and market place.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Updates today!


I found a couple little bugs that needed squashing today so I am sending out updates for the Contempo Sofas (both PG and Adult) and the Rustic Chairs (both PG and Adult).   If you did not get yours for any reason, just use the redelivery kiosk in the main shop to redeliver you the very latest version.  You can use this method any time to check if you have the latest of something or have misplaced the original package.

I test extensively and take great attention to detail with my items before I release them but things do get through occasionally.  So if you ever notice anyting "off" with a Dictatorshop product please drop me a notecard and let me know.  I am always happy to correct any issues and send an update so that the products you buy in the shop are the very best they can be!

Friday 10 November 2017

November Madness 50% off everything in the main shop!!!*


 I have a treat for you! Starting today until the 27th of Nov. the entire main shop is set 50% off.  * The sale includes everything  except for gift cards and the new items sold exclusively at ROMP and Cosmopolitan.

About the sale: 
There are specially marked multi-vendors that are  set 50% off and the price you pay reflects this.
(no additional refund is given)

All other unmarked vendors in the store  will pay you the 50% discount  immediately upon payment.

These prices do not come around often so snap them up while you can!

Thursday 9 November 2017

Contempo Bondage Post

The latest piece of the Contempo set is here  - the Contempo Bondage Post debuts at ROMP

As with the rest of the Contempo Bondage furniture the Post comes with five versions.  The OMNI version contains all the menus for all four of the gender/dominance combination M/f, F/m, F/f, and M/m.   Each of the other four versions contains the gender/dominance specific set of menus.

The  ROMP : Elegant Kink event runs 11-25 November all five versions of the Post are sold exclusively at the event and are will be on special ROMP pricing:

OMNI 4-IN-1  - Only L$ 1995 - regular price L$ 2995

MALE DOM / female sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

FEMALE DOMME / male sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

FEMALE DOMME / female sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

MALE DOM / male sub  - Only L$ 995 - regular price L$ 1495

See the rest of the Contempo line in the SL Marketplace.

Sunday 5 November 2017

New RUSTIC SET begins!


The Rustic pieces are now available in combo packs =  extra savings!

Introducing the new beginning of the new Rustic furniture set.  The Sofa and Chair (with full throne functionality).  These items will be available exclusively (and at a 20% discount) at the Cosmopolitan shopping event from 6-18 November.

There are adult versions of both Sofa and Chair as well as a PG version of the sofa and a single sitter/guest version of the chair.  Each of the pieces has 15 fabric and 5 wood textures to allow you to best suit it to your decor.

[Ds] Rustic Chair - Adult M/F Version - Regularly L$ 1995
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 1596

[Ds] Rustic Sofa - Adult M/F Version - Regularly L$  699
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 560

[Ds] Rustic Sofa - PG M/F Version - Regularly L$ 2495
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 1996

 [Ds] Rustic Chair - Single Sitter - Regularly L$ 349 
Cosmopolitan Exclusive 20% off  - only L$ 280

5x wood and 15x fabric choices

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Dragon Throne update!

By popular demand I have created a G rated SINGLE SITTER version of the Dragon Throne in time for your spooky October decorations.  I have marked both thrones HALF OFF to celebrate.  Get the Adult version for only L$ 1498 and the Single Sitter for only L$ 398 in the main shop only!

Friday 6 October 2017

Bound Subscription Box - Dictatorshop Inside

UPDATE:  See what's in the box!!!

Dictatorshoppers,  Have you heard of the Bound Box?  It is a subscription box.  It is directed toward ladies (for now) and is intended for Dommes, subs or anywhere in between.  It is for sale until its release on 12 October.  If you buy it before that it is L$ 1500 and it goes up from there if you want it after it is released.

There are a dozen designers with an item in the box.  This is the second edition.  There is an unpacking video someone did of the first one. In case you would like to see the sorts of things inside.

Ladies, you are going to LOVE what I have in store for you. I went way overboard on it (heh as with most of my toys...) I can't tell you exactly what all is going on in the box (wouldn't want to ruin the surprise) but you WILL enjoy it.  And the item is exclusive to the box for six whole months so this is the only way to get it.

There is a kiosk in the main store  for you to purchase the box.  It will then be delivered to you on the 12th automatically when it's time.

Introducing The Regal @ Black Fair

Dictatorshoppers I have something very special for you today! Introducing the Regal Throne and Stool.  These highly detailed pieces are going to knock your socks off.  They are available in ADULT versions as well as single sitter versions.  There is also a fat pack of all four pieces that allows you to save over L$ 1000 when you get the whole set.

All are are 20% off exclusively at The Black Fair: The Absence  from 6-20 October.

The Regal Thrones are 15 land impact and the stools are 10.  When you see the detail and how solid the LODs are I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Regal Throne packs over 160 quality animations for your enjoyment.  They are set up primarily for hetero couples and include menus for male or female dominants.

There are five metal colors and eight velvets included.

The props are auto-rezzing and can be set to auto wear with the AvSitter experience (see readme notecard inside for how to do that). 

If you are familar with the other Dictatorshop thrones you will find the menus familar.

The Regal Throne - Single Sitter Version has 30 quality animations with menus for him or her.  These are great for when you want all the style and none of the kink.

The Regal Bondage Stool brings some serious luxury to your play!  Unlike other thrones currently this one has a Vanilla menu for hanging out - in addition to the bondage menus.  It even has a "display" menu where it has the mirrored versions of the sits - suitable for a stool on either side of the throne for that total luxe setup.

The stool is RLV enabled allowing you to capture and control the sitter, restrict, strip, etc.

It has the matching metals and velvets of the thrones.

The Single Sitter Guest Stool has 25 animations divided male, female and unisex.

Monday 25 September 2017

Driftwood Swing - Adult & PG

Released as an exclusive at the @ Cosmopolitan shopping event.  This fall themed swing will fit in perfectly with your pumpkins and autumn leaves. 

20% off regular price while @ Cosmopolitan
  • ADULT VERSION - L$ 1196
  • PG VERSION - L$ 640

 The adult version contains 300 quality animations, the PG portion is 130 of that.  The adult swing contains all menus from both, and in fact the adult version will rez both adult or PG swing as you like, giving you all the options.

There are "Individual" menus for two sitters who may control their sits independently from each other.  This gives you freedom when hanging out, one can have popcorn and the other coffee, sitting, laying, whatever.  The props auto-wear (enable the AvSitter experience on your land for best interaction with the rezzables).

Both versions feature an auto-align feature so that if you move the base the swing will re-rez itself so that it is always right where it is supposed to be, no fuss or muss.

The dirt base (3 Li) can be removed or modified to match your land.  The UV map on the texture is very straight so most textures will lay smoothly.  If you do not need the root bumps just remove the normal map for a smooth ground. 

The shadow under the swing is also optional and the included info notecard explains how to make it stop rezzing.

The menus in both pieces are carefully set up to allow natural flow from animation to animation and are divided in ways that even if you do not remember the name of what you are looking for you can find it quickly based on the activity you are seeking.

The adult version has a bondage menu tucked away in there for light bondage play in the outdoors.  Just wrist cuffs, no chains or anything too scary.  

Saturday 23 September 2017

Sofa & Swing Updates

Dear Dictatorshoppers,

It came to my attention that there were a few problems in the bondage menu of the Adult versions of the Contempo and Chesterfield Sofas.  For this reason I am updating both versions and I will be sending out updates of the individual sofa and 5 piece set packs right after I post this notice.  If for any reason you did not get yours there is a redelivery kiosk at the Info Desk at the Main Store where you can request redelivery on any copy item you own from Dictatorshop.  The redelivered item will always be the most recent.

I have also gone back and updated the  Secret Garden: Arbor With Adult Swing to version 1.5 so that it has all the auto rezzing cuff features (it didn't have them to begin with).

All other functionality and the PG versions are unchanged and do not require updates.

PS - if you love the engines in these products, be sure to stay tuned for the next announcement of the Driftwood Swing which will be available at the Cosmopolitan event coming up!

Tuesday 12 September 2017

BETSY - Adult and PG versions

I have been itching to do something "cutesy" and the Elite Lolita shopping event has given me the excuse I needed!  The PG version of Betsy is sold exclusively there until the end of the month.

The PG version is L$ 799 and contains 106 quality animations with solo sits for female and male, it also contains slow dances, cuddles and kisses.

Both versions are only 10 land impact and are sold Copy/Mod/NoTrans.

The Adult version is L$ 1499 and contains 190 animations, all of the PG plus lots more naughiness.  The animations are set up primarily for hetero M/F but there are a couple extras for trans/sissy (indicated with a trans symbol at the start of the name).

Try out the adult version in the main shop.

Unlike Buckley, Betsy does not currently have a hud or other colors.  She is versatile though in that her base and post can be remove/changed in the event you have something special in mind for her.  The base is wider in front due to some of the animations which are posed in front of her, so keep that in mind when changing her.

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Metal Bondage Ladder

Looking to get your kinks out of dark dungeons? This metal ladder packs a big surprise - it contains a full fledged bondage cross engine inside. 
Need to discipline that naughty gardener or handy-person? Just toss this in their path and you are ready to go!
It comes with two textures, the default is new, but use the little Dictatorshop logo to access the old/worn one to give the ladder a nice roughed up patina.
This item is fully RLV'd and allows you to capture, restrict, strip, etc. The default settings can be changed in the Avpos notecard, directions are in the read me in the box.
 The engine is similar to the Contempo Bondage Cross, so if you already use that one, you can easiliy use this one, no new menus to learn. 
These are in the main shop now as well as the marketplace (just click the pictures to visit the sales pages)