Sunday 26 July 2020

Swan Lake Decor Tables

By popular demand I have added four Swan Lake tables to the Swan Lake series of furniture.  

There is a FATPACK which contains all four of the tables in one money saving package.

All of the tables feature ten texture options which are accessed from the small Ds logo which can be found on the back of the swans.

They are MOD and can be resized.  Be aware that stretching larger may increase the land impact.

These tables are optimized with shared textures in the swans to decrease load time.

Sunday 12 July 2020

Port Royal Console Cage

The [Ds] Port Royal Console Cage is available for 20% off at COSMOPOLITAN from 12-25 July.

This cage is similar to the Chateau Console Cage in function, but features the ten new wood colors and the West Indies/British Colonial stylings of the new Port Royal set.

The "puppy cage" type cage is designed to look great in any room in the house and will coordinate beautifully with all of the upcoming Port Royal items.

The Console Cage features ten woods and five metal options.  Find the Ds logo on the right side at the bottom/back of the cage.  Be sure to click the door open and closed one time after changing the metal textures to ensure that the bolt is properly visible.

The animations inside stick to the middle of the cage so it is possible to add whatever decor you would like in there with your pet for just the look you want.  The "adjust" helpers are included in the AvSitter engine so you can easily rearrange your pet and "dump" the settings back into the AVpos notecard to make your changes permanent, even through script restarts.

None of the animations use the top surface of the cage, so you are free to decorate however you want without fear of interference.

Port Royal Console Table DECOR

The [Ds] Port Royal Console Table DECOR is available for 20% off at COSMOPOLITAN from 12-25 July.

As you may be aware there is a new product line @ DICTATORSHOP - Port Royal.  By popular demand this set will have lots of DECOR pieces where they are unscripted except for the color change to allow full decorating opportunities.  This is the first of the decor pieces and will be followed by end tables and other odds and ends as we go along.

The table features texture change (look for logo on right side back and click).  There are the 10 standard exotic woods and 5 metal options.  The woods are numbered in the menu from 0 Bleached through 9 Ebony to help you quickly find the shade you desire.

The Console Table can be resized to suit your needs.

Friday 3 July 2020

Port Royal Mirrors

The Port Royal Mirrors are for sale 20% off exclusively @ The Black Fair from 4-18 July. 􀀂

The [Ds] Port Royal Mirrors come in three versions:
    [Ds] Port Royal Mirror PG Everyone
    [Ds] Port Royal Mirror Adult Vanilla
    [Ds] Port Royal Mirror Adult Kink Rezzer OMNI

All versions include texture change and the ability to adjust animations, more details later in this notecard.

[Ds] Port Royal Mirror Adult Kink Rezzer OMNI

This version of the mirror is two separate objects and contains rezzing mirrors for all three engines: PG, Adult Vanilla and Adult Kink OMNI.  This allows you to put the kink away when not in use and gives you the element of surprise.  The PG and AV versions are vertical, the Adult Kink OMNI is tilted so that you can tell at a glance which is out.  To rez the mirrors or change the base texture click the cross beam across the bottom (or the logo on the back).  
 On sit you will be prompted for "Dominant" or "Submissive" as this piece has no swap menus (to prevent naughty subs from escaping).
 The default woods for the rezzing part is "5 Makore".  If you prefer another color (so that you do not have to edit the mirror with the logo on the back of the mirror each time), simply rez the mirror you want to change, use the logo on the back of the mirror to set it how you like and take it back to inventory.  Edit linked parts and look in the cross beam/logo prim - remove the mirror in the contents of that prim and copy the one you took to your inventory back into that prim.  If you do any edits to the animations that you want to make permanent do the same process as above.  
The rezzing bondage mirror is an OMNI piece, meaning it has Mf, Fm, Ff, and Mm menus.  The PG and Adult Vanilla mirrors are primarily set up to work for MF couples.

[Ds] Port Royal Mirror Adult Vanilla

This mirror is a single piece (no rezzing bits) and gives you a fine selection of solo and couple primping, couples cuddles and kisses and lots of fun standing sex.

[Ds] Port Royal Mirror PG Everyone

This mirror is a single piece (no rezzing bits) and gives you a fine selection of solo and couple primping, couples cuddles and kisses - without any of the adult content.  



The Port Royal product line uses 10 brand new exotic wood textures featuring a highly polished gloss and rich intensity. For your convenience they are numbered in the texture menu from 0 Bleached through 9 Ebony; from lightest to darkest.  Edit the texture by clicking the crossbeam at the bottom (or connected logo on back of stand).  Note that the rezzing mirrors on the Adult Kink version require a second adjustment on the rezzing mirror, see section above for more details on that.

Candles can be lit or extinguished by clicking on the flame itself.  It is possible to save 3 Land Impact by removing the candles and flames if prims are an issue for you, just be aware there will be a small blemish on the wood where the shadow is for the candle holders.


It is possible for a user to adjust their pose with the built in menu.  The Adjustment Helpers are also included so that you are able to choose ADJUST > HELPER and adjust the animations to suit yourself.  Once done, choose DUMP to read all the adjustments into local chat.  At the end of that readout is a link, click that for a nice tidy copy and paste-able readout, copy and paste it into the avpos notecard inside the mirror.  When you save it will reload all of the scripts and then your changes are permanent, even if you reset the scripts.

For the adult bondage version you can also adjust the default RLV settings.  It is the section at the top of the avpos notecard.  Please note if you use the method above to make your settings permanent that you want to SAVE the RLV part at the top and do not replace it with the readout from the webpage as the RLV settings are not included in that readout.  See the FAQ on the Dictatorshop blog (look at the end of the page) for what the RLV settings mean and what you can change.