Sunday 12 July 2020

Port Royal Console Cage

The [Ds] Port Royal Console Cage is available for 20% off at COSMOPOLITAN from 12-25 July.

This cage is similar to the Chateau Console Cage in function, but features the ten new wood colors and the West Indies/British Colonial stylings of the new Port Royal set.

The "puppy cage" type cage is designed to look great in any room in the house and will coordinate beautifully with all of the upcoming Port Royal items.

The Console Cage features ten woods and five metal options.  Find the Ds logo on the right side at the bottom/back of the cage.  Be sure to click the door open and closed one time after changing the metal textures to ensure that the bolt is properly visible.

The animations inside stick to the middle of the cage so it is possible to add whatever decor you would like in there with your pet for just the look you want.  The "adjust" helpers are included in the AvSitter engine so you can easily rearrange your pet and "dump" the settings back into the AVpos notecard to make your changes permanent, even through script restarts.

None of the animations use the top surface of the cage, so you are free to decorate however you want without fear of interference.