Tuesday 26 January 2016

TRAP for the Modern Bondage Bed

The new Modern Bondage Bed has gotten a brand new ADD-ON!!!

This new trap fits over the end pad of your bed and adds 50 more poses - complete with full RLV functionality to capture, timer, undress, and restrict your victim.
As a separate item from the bed this allows you add a third avatar to your roleplay, great for cuckolding.  Or use it just to torment your favorite victim.  The separation of menus (bed and separate trap) makes it a bit easier to control who is doing what and when. The poses are separated into five categories for ease of use:
* Display 
* Cuckold 
* Parked 
* Wait 
* Rest
Cuffs and blindfold provided from a menu.
Side note about the land impact: 
The trap is 8 prims due to the necessity of having all the rings at the end that the bed has repeated for itself. If I find a way around that I will send out a free update later.

Friday 22 January 2016

New HUD for the Modern Bondage Bed - Silhouette

This newest HUD brings a lovely female silhouette to your bedroom. All of the components are mix and matchable so you that you can get just the look you want.

Tuesday 19 January 2016


Hello Dictatorshoppers!

Today I am rolling out three new Add-On HUDS for the Modern Bondage Bed!  These are great for that romantic Valentine evening, and can work well for other times as well.  Each HUD comes with 5 presets (shown) and also with the ability to mix and match all of the components for the combination that suits you best.  Elements from different HUDs can be used together.  See them in world!


The Cupids textures are designed so that you can have an all red or all black or mixed red and black without any cupids - allowing this set to be used "in general" and not just for Valentines Day or other romantic evenings.

Looking for a specific color or style?  There is a suggestion box in the main store next to the bed display.

Friday 8 January 2016


Updated 23 January - Item is now available for general sale on the Marketplace and in the shop!

~   ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

From 8-22 January the ROMP event is going on and The Naughty Chair is sold exclusively there at this low price!

The chair has 50 high quality animations.
Six pretty lady sits (when she is sitting alone) and 22 naughty couples poses.

This is a male dom/female sub piece.  There is a little bit of everything, some oral, some teasing, some bondage.

The chair goes nicely with the new Modern Bondage Bed.

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Saturday 2 January 2016


Happy New Year 2016! 

 In all the years that Dictatorshop has been in operation (since 2006) there has never been a proper bondage bed in the line up, but that has all changed! Meet the Modern Bondage Bed.

This bed has over 350 high quality animations.
The menus are very carefully divided up into the most logical categories for play and are arranged for ease of use.

This is an equal opportunity bed with everthing from soft romantic cuddles, kisses and massage right up to the the more hardcore with both MaleDom and FemDom menus for bondage.

~ ~ ~

Separate Add-On HUDS allow you to alter the look of your bed at any time.  There are seven different HUDs available right now, and more will be coming in the future.

Expect to see some fun seasonal bedding coming for Valentine's Day.

~ ~ ~

These first huds come with 9 wood color choices, with or without a low shine on them, as well as 5 metals for the rings.

Each hud comes with 5 presets that will change the whole bed with one click, as well as a mix and match page which lets you change the various bedding components individually.

Different HUDs can be used together for even greater customizability.

The HUDs also come with a rezzable (larger) version which is handy if you are having a friend help you or are looking to use components from different HUDs together.

~ ~ ~

You can try the bed and the add-on HUDs in the main store

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