Sunday 12 July 2020

Port Royal Console Table DECOR

The [Ds] Port Royal Console Table DECOR is available for 20% off at COSMOPOLITAN from 12-25 July.

As you may be aware there is a new product line @ DICTATORSHOP - Port Royal.  By popular demand this set will have lots of DECOR pieces where they are unscripted except for the color change to allow full decorating opportunities.  This is the first of the decor pieces and will be followed by end tables and other odds and ends as we go along.

The table features texture change (look for logo on right side back and click).  There are the 10 standard exotic woods and 5 metal options.  The woods are numbered in the menu from 0 Bleached through 9 Ebony to help you quickly find the shade you desire.

The Console Table can be resized to suit your needs.