Friday 16 March 2018

More Tropicality

The Adult and PG versions of the Tropicality Chairs are available exclusively at the Illuminate shopping event from 17 March - 10 April.

There are copies in the Main Dictatorshop Store for trying out and after 10 April they will go on sale there too.

The Tropicality chair comes in two versions, the ADULT version is a full throne in functionality with single sits for him or her, pg couples and then right on into Male Dom and Female Dom menus.

There are seven fabric colors built in, one solid and six tropical leafy textures on a variety of shades.

These pieces are very detailed and are designed to work for indoor or outdoor with equal ease.   They match other pieces of the Tropicality set - including Sofa, Shelves in four different sizes and wicker end table and coffee table.

 There will be a few more pieces to this set and unlike previous existing sets I have added the decor pieces (side table and shelves in this case) to help accessorize all the bits together.  Enjoy!

Thursday 15 March 2018

Introducing Tropicality - A Touch of the Tropics with Bamboo

This month the Dictatorshop is in both ULTRA (begins 15 March) and ILLUMINATE (begins 17 March) which have just moved onto the same sim together.  To celebrate I decided to design a new set and will be dividing it between the two - which is good because it is a lot of pieces and the booths are small! :-)

By popular demand I am going to start making matching decor pieces for the furniture sets for easier accessorizing.  The items with DECOR in the name indicates that they are unscripted (no no naughtiness inside) and are intended to go along side the furniture as desired.

The ULTRA exclusives include Adult and PG Sofas as well as large wicker trunk Coffee Tables.

The sofas feature individually controlled sits for two people to share the sofa independently.  Then couples sits/cuddles and on up from there depending on which version you choose.

The Coffee Tables are intended to be sat on and act as their own "entertainment center".  It has sits and lays (both female and male) for just hanging out and chatting with people on the furniture around.  There are dances for him or her to entertain or just amuse in general.

The adult version comes with its own Sybian-style machine which has menus just for her and also for someone to join in.

There are also menus for her diddling herself, playing with dildo and for him some wanks.

The PG version has all of the sits, lays and dances for one but nothing too naughty "for company."

Monday 12 March 2018

Simplicity Daybed

The Simplicity Daybed has the [Ds] standard M/F Sofa engine in it (as with the Contempo, Chesterfield and Rustic sets) - with 288 quality animations in the Adult Version and 122 in the PG version.

It comes with six fabric color choices and five wood choices - two woods and three painted woods.  The logo button on the back is how you get to the color change options.

The Simplicity Daybed is sold exclusively at the COSMOPOLITAN shopping event from 12-14 March, and after that everywhere.

It is available for viewing in the main store, along with all of the other new items that you may have missed.