Tuesday 25 October 2016

Dragon Throne is finally here!

This item has been a loooong time coming and I am happy to say it is finally ready for prime time!

This high quality mesh has good LOD and is carved with these glorious dragons in 3d - they are not just flat textures. 

The Dragon Throne comes with an included HUD that gives you six chair material options and 20 velvet fabrics.  This item uses materials best viewed with advanced lighting turned on.  However the textures are optimized to look good even with more modest graphic settings so the highlights are baked in and do not require the viewer to have a top of the line graphics card to see them.

I am taking suggestions for further textures and am considering doing monograms for further customizations.
The Dragon Throne contains over 170 quality animations divided up carefully for ease of use. 
There is something for everyone in there, singles, couple cuddles, hanging out, and female or male dominant.  There are a couple slow dances for right in front of the throne as well as some very comfy cuddles.  From there the intensity is up to you with fetish, pampering and hawt sex.

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Friday 14 October 2016

Time to ROMP!!!!

[Edited: Romp is over so the Sophisticate Bed is now available in the shop and marketplace]

This elegant bed features over 280 animations linked with logical menus and sub menus.
The Individual menu allow each sitter to control their own pose (without affecting the pose of the other sitter).  This gives you flexibility when you are just hanging out.
  • Individual
    • Female Sits/Lays
    • Male Sits/Lays
  • Cuddles - broken up by type.
    • HerTopCuddles
    • HimTopCuddles
    • Curled
    • OnSides
    • Kisses
  • Massages
    • For Him
    • For Her
  • Sex
    • Oral4Her
    • Oral4Him
    • HerTopForward
    • HerTopReversed
    • HimTop
    • HimBehind
  • Femdom
    • Tied Play*
    • Tied Strap-On Sex*
  • Maledom
    • Tied Play*
    • Tied Sex*
    • Rough
* Rezzes ropes for the tied poses.

There are five add-ons for the Sophisticate Bed rolling out with its debut (sold separately).  Each of the HUDs offer five different fabric choices.  More HUDs will become available over time.  I do take requests if there is a particular look you would like to have. 


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It's been blogged @ This Is Kayshla

Saturday 8 October 2016

New Gachas In-World!

October is party month and everyone needs a good seasonal spanker so now we have 20 in a gacha!  They are all equal chance, no rares.  50 Lindens a shot, collect all you like!  They are transfer to you can gift them too.  Enjoy!

In-World Store

Thursday 6 October 2016

Whole new Whore Mattress v5.0

I have completely reworked this classic Dictatorshop piece.  The Whore Mattress v5.0 is now poseball-free and features over 100 animations.
Logical menus:
  • Start/Finish
  • Willing
  • Unwilling
  • Tied
  • Rough

Great LOD so that this item can be used outside with minimal if any deforming of the mesh.  It does have a land impact of 7 and is sold Copy/Mod/NoTrans.


Monday 3 October 2016

Mistress Chair Fat Pack

This set is a very special set that I created for the  Velvet Thorn Femdom and which I am offering to the public as well. 

The Mistress Chair does not allow male avatars to sit alone and if the Domme crashes, stands or uses the UnsitSub button he is also unsit.  The submissive does not even get a menu, so no bratty swapping or changing the pose when Mistress is afk.

The chair was designed for a public social venue with  "Femdom with Decorum"  in mind.  It contains 116 Quality animations with 66 Menu Choices for the discerning Domme.

  •     26 Sits spread across three menus for easy navigation (the sub is in Bracelets pose on a cushion in front).
  •     20 Sitting couples poses where the sub has more interaction with the sitting Domme.
  •     7 Mani/Pedi/Fetish poses
  •     5 Spanks
  •     8 Sit on Him poses
The Mistress Chair has a land impact of 6, the Guest Chair is 5 Li, the floor cushions 2 Li each.

The chair rezzes props:
  • Fingernail Polish Tray -  5Li
  • Fingernail Polish Brush (worn)
  • Glasses (worn)
  • Sub Cushion
  • Cigarette (worn)
  • Ashtray (worn)
  • Vapor Cigarette (worn)
There are 5 Mistress Chairs included in the package.  They have wood color changers (click the little decoration on the front of the chair to get that menu.  The color changer can be locked to owner only from that menu if you do not wish others changing anything.  I would have just had the fabric changer in there too but then the rezzed sub cushion is the wrong color, so I just included one of each properly color coordinated.

The set also includes a GUEST CHAIR which allows all sitters and contains the basic 26 sits of the Mistress Chair.  It contains a color changer that allows all 5 fabric and wood choices so that you can match it or coordinate it with the Mistress Chair.

The set also contains 5 floor cushions, one in each color, but otherwise the same.  They have Bracelets as the default sit, but allow a few other poses for comfort.  The Mistress Chair rezzes its own sub cushion for use with the chair.  These are in case you would like to have other sub seating available to coordinate with the look of the chairs.


In-World Store

Saturday 1 October 2016

Feedback needed!

Hello Dictatorshoppers,

I am looking to add some curtains to the Modern Bondage Bed and I am torn over which style would suit best.  Please have a look at this link:


And weigh in on your favorite style.  There is also a form field for any feedback you care to give about the Dictatorshop products.  Hope to hear from you.


Halloween is on the way!!!!

I have just put out two very fun Halloween HUDs out for the Modern Bondage bed.

The BRIGHTS package features bold colors and patterns.  The two included HUDS give you the choice of pattern or solid.

The MUTED package carries on the Halloween theme but in a quieter set of colors.   It also has two included HUDS one pattern and the other solids.

Each pattern and solid is available for each part of the bed using the Mix & Match side of the HUD.

The packs are priced at the usual L$ 400.  However buy them before the end of Sunday 2nd Oct and save 40%!

These packs are an extra good value as the solids can be used at any time of year.

Any Modern Bondage Bed HUD can be intermixed with the textures of any other HUD.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

I have all four of the HUDS rezzed out on the nightstand in the main store for you to play with.

All other bed huds are available to tinker with in the freestanding rezzing vendor near the bed.

More Halloweeny Goodness - this time for the Oak Leaf Throne

This HUD is an add-on for the Oak Leaf Throne and allows you to add a bit of Fall/Halloween to your throne by changing the fabric color.

See it in-world