Gift Cards

Dictatorshop Gift Cards are standard Caspervend gift cards.


The gift cards are not boxed up ands should never be unpacked as that will break them and make them null and void.  On delivery the gift cards are no transfer, it is necessary to rez the card and then it will register with the system and become transferable.  Be sure NOT to rez on to mesh surfaces as sometimes that fails and the card goes to lost and found and may require a relog to see.  To be safe, simply rez on the ground or find a good sandbox where you can rez safely.

To use your gift card:

Simply wear your gift card and go to  Dictatorshop and find the item you desire, right click the vendor and choose touch.  The picture that item should show in the right side of the gift card, then click "BUY NOW" to initiate the purchase.

In the event that you click the vendor and the pay window pops up automatically just right click and choose "touch" from the popup and the item should appear in the window on the gift card.

You can see the amount of credit on your gift card by the hovertext over the card.  If your desired item costs more than the amount you have available on the gift card it will ask you for debit permissions.  This is a valid use of debit permissions but it can be scary for folks because it gives an object access to your Linden dollars in order to pay the difference between your credit and the total due.   If you are uncomfortable granting permissions**, do not despair! There is a little terminal on the information desk at the front of the main store where you can "top off" your gift card with exactly the amount you need to buy your desired gift and then no debit permissions are required.

  1. Wear the gift card (so that it appears on your HUD)
  2. Pay the terminal to increase the gift card balance
  3. Purchase as outlined above.

** GENERAL WARNING:  PROTECT YOURSELF, NEVER GRANT PERMSSIONS TO OBJECTS THAT YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT.  Reputable vendors will have a top off terminal in their shop for you and if you are ever using a gift card where this is not available, contact the shop owner and ask for it. 


It came to my attention today 22 Nov 2018 that my older cards (some of them at least) were not working with the top off kiosk due to version differences.  I have updated all of the cards that come out from now.  You can tell by the description field on the Gift Card if it is one of the affected or not, the old description simply said gift card, the newer ones say v2.30 Gift Card. 

If you have a gift card you are trying to top off that does not have the version in the description please contact me for a resolution to the problem. 

Accepting debit permissions for amounts over the credit on the gift card works fine.  There is nothing wrong with the gift cards unless you are trying to top off. In which case the kiosk will simply refund your top up payment and tell you to wear your gift card (not terribly helpful as messages go!)  Sorry for any inconvenience.