Tuesday 23 February 2016

UPDATE ALERT - Modern Bondage Bed v1.5 and TRAP for the Modern Bondage Bed v1.5

Hello Dictatorshoppers,

I will be sending out free updates to everyone with the Modern Bondage Bed v1.x and TRAP for the Modern Bondage Bed v1.x to the new version 1.5.

The version 1.5 update to the Modern Bondage Bed includes:

*  Four new Femdom poses in the menu Femdom > Bed Sex - where the male is chained and and woman is on top teasing and riding him.

*  The strap-on poses previously  Femdom > Bed Sex have been relocated to  Femdom > Bed Sex > Strap-On Sex.    This change makes it clearer who is giving and who is getting what.

*  A new prim has been added to the end of the bed (and oddly enough the LI has gone down a prim lol).  This prim sports the Dictatorshop Logo and is called "Add-On Container Prim".  This prim gives you a place to add any bed add-ons.  This allows them to be rezzed right from the bed, and in relation to the bed.  This is a much easier arrangement for getting the add-ons in place and keeping them there.

Eventually I will manage to make some proper drapes that look right and I have some other add-on ideas so the container prim will have additional functionality down the road.

The TRAP for the Modern Bondage Bed add-on has been updated to v1.5 as well and contains instruction for adding it to your bed. The only change to the trap is removing the cumbersome rezzer and making it so that it fits into a special prim on the bed for easy rezzing. If you haven't seen the trap you can read more about it here:  Marketplace

The new set-up process for the Trap:

*  Examine your bed It needs to be version 1.5 or higher  - if it isn't then just use the redelivery kiosk in the main shop to redeliver yourself that latest version.

*  Find the small black Dictatorshop logo prim at the bottom end of the bed (under the lip on the base).

*  Open the edit window, select "Edit linked parts" and select that logo prim - called "Add-On Container Prim", you should see only a few things in there [AV]menu, [AV]prop, and AVpos.  If you see a list with a bunch of animations you are editing the whole bed, not the Add-On Container Prim.

*  Drop the Trap prim and script "**rerez trap when bed is moved" into the contents of the "Add-On Container Prim" and edit the AVpos notecard there, just paste in the contents from the AVpose notecard that comes with this trap.  If this is the only add-on you have then just replace all the lines in the notecard.  If you have other addons, just add the lines from the trap notecard into the AVpos notecard in the Add-On Container Prim.

*  Once the trap is in and the AVpose is saved, you should be able to click the logo and get a menu where you can rez or remove the trap.  

*  Be sure to take a copy of your bed (right click and choose "take copy") once it is all working so that you don't have to keep doing this every time you rez out a new bed.  :-)

*  Click the reset scripts button on the edit window to make sure the avpose card is reloaded.

You can tell that the trap is in place when you see the small lock at the bottom right of the bed at the end.

NOTE:  There is a security button on the Add-On menu under the owner menu.  You can set it so that the button is only available to owner or group or everyone as you like.

If you run into any troubles contact Dictatorshop Resident for assistance.

New Texture Add-On HUD - Romantic Florals

Today a new spring floral bedding, this time with rich colors and romantic flowers. 


Monday 22 February 2016


Hello Dictatorshoppers!

I am happy to announce two brand new gacha machines each with 20 different spankers! 
  • All are transfer/no copy/no modify.
  • Scripted with forehand and backhand anims.
  • Equal chances for all prizes (no rares).

Sunday 21 February 2016

Remodeling - New Main Store

Hello Dictatorshoppers,

I have been working industriously this weekend to put in a new shop.  There is still a bit of mess around, but I think you will enjoy the new design.  Be sure to check out the new outdoor section (a far better setting for the Secret Garden toys and the Captives Cave. :-)

Thursday 4 February 2016

Valentine's Sale 50% Off Select Items!

From now until the 14th of February there is a very special sale going on.  I have set up single item gift cards from some of the newest and most popular items at prices up to 50% off! 

These gift cards are more personal than a standard Linden balance gift card because you have chosen the item for them.  The card greatly simplifies the giving and the savings is icing on the cake!  The gift cards themselves are transferable, so you can buy them and give them to your Valentine directly** - there is nothing for you to unpack, no trying to give as gift from a vendor where they might accidentally decline it, no extra steps.  This is it:
  • You buy the transferable gift card at the Dictatorshop store
  • When the time is right give it to your valentine
  • He or she wears the gift card
  • Then clicks the "Buy Now" button (it says buy but pretend it says deliver :-)
  • Their gift is delivered directly to them.  
  • Done.

Here is an example of the gift card you will receive:

**Please note that the delivered items themselves will have their usual permissions (often no transfer) once they are actually delivered from the "buy now" on the gift card.

The gift cards are not refundable, but being transfer you can always gift to someone else if your Sweetheart already has the item.  The cards are *only* good one time, so be careful not to click "buy now" until you (or your Valentine) mean it!

Any questions?  Send a notecard to Dictatorshop Resident.  :-)

Happy Valentines Day!

Oak Leaf Throne

New Today!

This new Oak Leaf Throne is bursting with possibilities!

It works as a regular chair in any setting with male (14) and female (14) sits as well as tender couples cuddles (8).

Feeling kinky? Head for the Maledom and Femdom menus for that something extra.  Each of these menus is broken down by activity to help you get on with the having of fun rather than the figuring out of furniture.  :-)

  • Hanging out (6)
  • Tender sub moments (5)
  • Foot Fetish and some extras (8+)
  • Spanking
  • Oral (7)
  • Sex (8)

Props are auto attached (uses experience so it does not have to ask every time).  A tablet for reading, cigarettes for the smokers, wine glasses and so on.

It knows if your avatar is a female or male shape so when you sit you are always in the right spot, no swapping needed.

It comes with an included HUD which gives you 35 fabric options and 14 wood options, as well as control of the materials settings all with a click of your mouse.  This chair can be made to fit in most any decor.

Rug is included free.


Land impact 6
Sold Copy/Mod / No Transfer