Monday 11 December 2023

Heritage Sink

 Find the [Ds] Heritage - Sink priced 20% off at Cosmopolitan from 11-23 December.

The Heritage Sink comes in two versions:

  • [Ds] Heritage Sink Adult Vanilla with 115 animations 
  • [Ds] Heritage Sink PG with 63 animations  

The Heritage Sink is designed to add a touch of class and tradition to your bathroom or bedroom. Part of the Heritage range, this fascinating piece will be right at home in any spot that just needs a little bit of traditional elegance.

  • Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu        
  • 5 metals, 10 woods, 10 marbles
  • AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled
  • Auto Rezzing Props
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer 
  • Land Impact 6 (+1 each if included mirrors are used) 
  • Strong LOD 
  • Highly Detailed 
  • Original Mesh 
  • Original Hand Made Textures
  • Matching items available - Bathtub, Sofa, Chair, Bench, Loveseat, Lounger, and much more!

The HERITAGE range is all about providing a fresh and contemporary twist to traditionally built pieces. Heavily based in tradition and history, we made much use of woven tweeds and muted plaids to create that indefinable English style . Loved and worn leathers round out the feel. Colours are firmly rooted in nature, never harsh or brash. Faded, yet robust grandeur is yours, perfect for your country estate. 

Depending on the version you buy, you have everything from sweet hugs and kisses all the way through to full throttle sex. Menu details are further down in this card to help you choose.

These pieces are all materials enabled to catch the light and add some seriously realistic texture to your Second Life! With a tiny Land Impact of only 6LI, you are going to love this thing.

We included a couple of bonus matching mirrors to help you round out your decor too, just click the frames to change the wood texture as you like.

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★ ☆ ✮

These Animations are included in both versions - PG and AV:

  •  Solo
  •  CouplePrimp
  •  Dance
  •  Cuddles
  •  Kisses

★ ☆ ✮

These animations are included in the AV Version only, in addition to those already listed:

  • Adult
  •  ForHer
  •  ForHim
  •  SexFacing
  •  SexBehind