Sunday 17 December 2023

Heritage Dining Table

Find the [Ds] Heritage - Dining Table priced 20% off exclusively at The Man Cave Event through 10 January.

The Heritage Dining Table comes in two versions:

  •     [Ds] Heritage Dining Table Adult Vanilla with 224 animations  
  •     [Ds] Heritage Dining Table PG with 94 animations  

The Heritage Dining Table is designed to add a touch of fine cuisine to your entertaining. Part of the Heritage range, this fascinating piece will be right at home in any spot where you want to dine and relax with just a little bit of traditional elegance.

  • Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu        
  • 10 woods, 22 fabrics, 8 presets and 1 factory reset
  • AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled
  • For 1 to 6 avatars
  • Auto Rezzing Props
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer 
  • Land Impact 19 (+1 to 5 LI per optional piece rezzed)
  • Strong LOD 
  • Highly Detailed 
  • Original Mesh 
  • Original Hand Made Textures
  • Matching items available - Sink, Toilet, Sofa, Chair, Bench, Loveseat, Lounger, and much more!

The HERITAGE range is all about providing a fresh and contemporary twist to traditionally built pieces. Heavily based in tradition and history, we made much use of traditional hardwoods, woven tweeds and muted plaids to create that indefinable English style . Loved and worn leathers round out the feel. Colours are firmly rooted in nature, never harsh or brash. Faded, yet robust grandeur is yours, perfect for your country estate.

These pieces are all materials enabled to catch the light and add some seriously realistic texture to your Second Life! With a tiny Land Impact of only 19LI for so much detail, you are going to love this thing.

PLEASE NOTE: The four side chairs have their own engines so when you sit there is no swapping or couples action.  Couples can sit on the table top or one of the end chairs to interact with the couples menus.

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★ ☆ ✮ 

Dine in style with up to six people! Each person can choose their own animations from their chair, and their own food from their placemats. Click the logo button to access a whole mess of texture options and click the central runner to choose your centrepiece decor options!

10 brand new woods, 12 loved leathers, 10 classic fabrics and a lot of ways to mix them up to your taste. Don't worry, we have included some presets to help you get stylish quickly.

For the centre of the table choose from a variety of flowers, food or candles, or leave it plain and add your own special something.

From your placemat you can choose from a wide and varied food menu - Starters, Fish, Entrees, Vegetarian, Salads and of course Desserts.

Depending on the version you buy, you have everything from dining roleplay, through sweet hugs and kisses all the way through to full throttle sex. Menu details are further down in this card to help you choose.

★ ☆ ✮ 


The table features individual sits for hanging out, dining and drinking.  All six sitters can choose their own activities without affecting the others.  There are couples animations where the female moves to the male's chair.  For the couples animations she needs to choose female from the menu upon sitting and he chooses male, the other sitters choose the remaining seats and are only given individual menus that do not affect the other sitters.

DINING - the dining menu in the chair you are sitting in puts silverware in your hand, the drinking menu will give you a choice of beverages. 

Click your placemat to choose your food.  This allows different sitters to choose different dishes easily.  It also allows the host to rez the place sittings without anyone sitting at the table.  The texture menu allows you to hide the placemats but they are still there and can be clicked visible or not.

★ ☆ ✮

These Animations are included in both versions - PG and AV:

All chairs have sits for individuals.  These menus only affect the individual so everyone can do their own thing.





    CouplesPG - This couples menu features 16 affectionate cuddles and kisses.

These Animations are included in the AV Version only, in addition to those already listed:

ADULT - Adult version only

    For Her

    For Him