Sunday 31 January 2021


There are two versions of the Pool Rack available. 


[Ds] PORT ROYAL Pool Rack - Adult Kink/Maledom 

Features Texture Change:The texture changer contains 6 metals and 5 woods choices.  Click the  Dictatorshop logo or the box of chalk on the shelf on it to get the menu for texturing.  There is a special placement prim that has yellow stripes and shows you where the item should meet the wall and floor.  Use hide placement prim in the texture menu once the item is in position.


This version has no animations in it, only the color change scripts which can be accessed at the logo or box of chalk on the shelf.  It CAN be resized since there are no animations to get messed up.

[Ds] PORT ROYAL Pool Rack - Adult Kink/Maledom

This item is designed specifically for a male dominant with a female submissive.  Females are automatically cuffed and captured upon sit and can be captured (if wearing a relay) by clicking the Pool Rack and using the menu.

The default capture time is 5 minutes, there are settings in the top of the AVpos configuration notecard  (see bottom of the included Buyer's Guide notecard for specifics).  This gives the dominant enough time to choose a course of action and is not too abusive for accidental sitters.

The PORT ROYAL Pool Rack contains over 90 quality animations, with two menus of solo poses for her and goes on from there.

    SoloFStress  - more strenuous sits

    SoloFRelaxed - more relaxed comfortable sits

    ForePlayHer - oral for her, fingering, etc

    OralForHim - lots of blowjobs!

    Sex - sex unrestrained (still has cuffs as with all the anims)

    SexTied - cuffs but no chains

    SexChained - cuffed to the Pool Rack with chains

NOTE: Usually I try to make pieces like this more equal opportunity, I was simply not able to get the Femdom portion of the menu up to my usual standard so I scrapped it.  Somewhere down the road I will revisit this and see about creating additional versions of the Pool Rack.  I cannot promise when but it will go on "the list" of future projects.