Friday 10 May 2019

Chateau Bar Subscription Box

Dear Dictatorshoppers,

This round of the Romp shopping event runs from 10-25 May -  I had intended to have all six of the new Chateau Bar items set finished in time for Romp but a couple family tragedies this past month and life in general had other ideas.   Customers have been asking me for "sets" of items ... so in order to give you the best opportunity to get a set and save I have designed a ROMP EXCLUSIVE DEAL - The [Ds] Chateau Bar Subscription Set.

When you buy now, you save WAY OVER 50% on what you would pay for the just ADULT VERSIONS  - so only pay L$ 3995 and receive the PG and Adult versions of all six Chateau Bar pieces - a total of 12 pieces! 

You will receive the adult coffee table now, and I will send along each additional piece of the set as I complete them.  They are most of the way there so it should not be too long, I will get them out as quickly as possible. I expect to have all completed and delivered out before the end of June, it will be my priority.

All of the pieces will have seven wood textures (including a tintable neutral white) and the Hutch, Counter and Pub table will have stone top options.

You can see life sized  version of the complete Chateau Bar Set in the main shop.


Coffee Table - Land impact 6 - which will arrive at time of purchase of the set (or can be purchased alone at ROMP).

A PG version will follow soon, as well as the texture update on the adult version that will include the contrasting trim..

This is the engine that the other product lines' Coffee Tables use, just dressed up in matching style to the bar for coordinating your decor.

120 Quality animations:

⁂    SoloFemale
    ⁂   Sit
    ⁂   Lounge (lay)
    ⁂   Dance (on the table)
    ⁂   Diddle (masturbate)
    ⁂   Dildo (masturbate with toy)
    ⁂   MachineF (use Sybian-style rezzing toy)

⁂    SoloMale
    ⁂   Sit
    ⁂   Lounge (lay)
    ⁂   Dance (on the table)
    ⁂   Wank (masturbate)

⁂    Couples
    ⁂   Dance (slow dance on table)
    ⁂   MachineCouple (her on machine with him)
    ⁂   Sex (use him like a "sex machine")

These will be delivered to you as completed:

Hutch - Land impact 13 - has PG couples cuddles and kisses as well as some hot standing and counter-top adult sex.  It will have an Adult Vanilla and a PG version.

This is designed to look great behind the Counter but can be a completely stand alone item.



Counter - Land impact 17 - is strictly PG

Each of the bar stools, both halves of the bar top and the faucet have their own sits.  No need to swap around, you sit where you click.  This allows for a social space where the sitter always knows what they are getting and do not have to worry about walking away and having someone messing with their avatar.

The bar stools have four menus or male and female sitters - arranged so that the sitter can sit looking left, right or straight on which allows them to interact with fellow sitters without having to be a "couple".  There is also a "drunk" menu with some fun animations for roleplay.

Each side of the bar has dances, singing and air guitar for those Coyote Ugly moments for both male and female sitters.

The sink/faucet has a bartender sit in it allowing someone to work behind the counter sweeping, cleaning, washing and pouring drinks.


Bistro Table and Chairs - Land impact 5

This is a cafe height table and chair for intimate seating. Includes both Adult Vanilla and PG versions.

The chair automatically move in and out to match the animations making them comfortable and sociable.

Pub Table and Chairs  - Land impact 5

This is a bar height table and bar stools.  It includes both Adult Vanilla and PG versions.


Dance Stage with dance pole - Land impact 9

This item gives you a coffee table height stage with built in dance pole.  It includes couples and threesome (FFM) adult animations as well as some "post bondage".  It will have the Adult Kink, Adult Vanilla and a simple single dancer PG/ish version. The little crown at the top finishes it off and gives the chains a cute place to attach to in the Kink version.

The nearly ready version of this one should be ready to view in the rotunda by the 24th.  A non-working version is there now, the final one will be a bit wider to accommodate the threesome animations.

Occasionally when I add a script the land impact might go up one.  So the numbers above may vary by one.  PG versions may be one less LI.