Friday, 19 May 2017

PG Versions of Contempo Livingroom @ Home & Garden Expo

The Home and Garden Expo runs from 19th of May until 4th June.  It is a Relay For Life event and as Dictatorshop's contribution the PG/Vanilla versions of the livingroom items are available in RFL vendors that donation 100% to the Relay for Life charity.

  • The Contempo Guest Stool L$ 249
  • The Contempo Guest Chair L$ 349
  • The Contempo Guest Sofa L$ 449

The "Guest" versions of these items are strictly vanilla and general audience.  They will allow you to mix and match with your other Contempo items to keep everyone guessing.

The Guest versions are distinguished from the Adult version visually in that the stool has a fixed blanket that does not derez like the Adult one does.  The Guest Chair has a small pillow and the Guest Sofa an extra pillow in the middle.

All these items are available at the Dictatorshop store at the Home and Garden Expo, and can also been seen in the Main Store.