Saturday 14 January 2017


 Updated: This item now available in the store and marketplace.

The ROMP - Elegant Kink event runs from the 15th to the end of January.  I have created an item which will be sold exclusively @ Romp during the event.  THE VALENTINE PILLORY.

This fun item gives a romantic touch to pillory play.  The Valentine Pillory has four basic menus, Male/female, Female/male, Female/female and Male/male.

When using the Avsitter experience the cuffs and other accessories will auto-attach.

TheValentine Pillory is fully RLV enabled allowing the dominant to capture the sub, restrict, strip and so on.  When a sub sits they are automatically captured for five minutes (this number can be adjusted in the configuration notecard).

The special introductory ROMP price is only L$499!

The item is copy/no transfer.  There is also a transferable gift card for sale  L$499 at the event for fun and easy gift giving.  The gift card is for this specific item (not a L$ amount).  When the person you give it to wears it and clicks "buy now" their item is automatically delivered to wherever they are, no need to come to the store.

Also exclusively sold at ROMP this month 20 Valentine themed spankers, some romantic, some....not.   L$69.

P.S. Bloggers, if you would like to blog the Valentine Pillory.  Please use this Google form to send me your info. Thanks!

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