Tuesday, 12 December 2017

12 Days and Christmas Gift Card 50% OFF Discount


If you missed the big Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales then you are in luck!  All Dictatorshop gift cards are 50% OFF their face value from now until Christmas!

These cards do not expire and you can even use them on yourself if you like.  So give the gift of kink this holiday season!!!

These cards CAN be used on all the latest items - including the Rustic set which were not part of the previous sales as well as the miSLED items that are event exclusives at Winter Trends 2017 and Cosmopolitan.  All of the items mentioned are set up in the main shop to try out with landmark givers to where you can buy them.

I have added a page here in the blog about keeping yourself safe when using gift cards:  http://dictatorshop.blogspot.com/p/gift-cards.html

When you purchase the gift cards you receive the card itself, (it is not boxed and should NEVER  be unpacked as that will break and invalidate it).  This allows you to pass that card directly to the person you want to gift it to at the time and place of your choosing.

To use the card, come to any Dictatorshop store vendor for the desired item.  Wear the card and click the vendor of the item (if it is a multi-vendor be sure the item you want is showing in the big center panel).  Tbe clicked item should show up on the bottom right portion of the gift card, once it does, click buy now.

You can see the amount of credit on your gift card by the hovertext over the card.  If your desired item costs more than the amount you have available on the gift card it will ask you for debit permissions.  This is a valid use of debit permissions but it can be scary for folks because it gives an object access to your Linden dollars in order to pay the difference between your credit and the total due.   If you are uncomfortable granting permissions**, do not despair! There is a little terminal on the information desk at the front of the main store where you can "top off" your gift card with exactly the amount you need to buy your desired gift and then no debit permissions are required.

  1. Wear the gift card (so that it appears on your HUD)
  2. Pay the terminal to increase the gift card balance
  3. Purchase as outlined above.