Friday, 7 July 2017

Chesterfield Living Room

The Home Show 2017 runs from 8-29 July.  The new Chesterfield Adult Sofa and Adult Chair are being sold there exclusively during the event.

Special pricing applies during the event:

L$ 1495

Regular price will be
L$ 2495
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The Chesterfield Adult Sofa includes over 280 animations.  There are individual sits for hanging out with a friend - with male, female and unisex sits and lays (each person can control their individual sit from their own menu independently of the other person). It has PG couples cuddles, extensive hetero sex as well as  Femdom and Maledom menus for light "living room" bondage (hands tied, no chains).

Five different leathers are included - Caramel, Cinnamon, Cranberry, Chocolate and Liquorice as well as five metal textures (for buttons and legs).  These are complimentary with the colors of the Contempo dungeon pieces to allow for some mixing and matching between the livingroom and existing Dictatorshop dungeon pieces.  The color change is available from the small Dictatorshop logo on the back of the sofa out of the way.  The textures and mesh are rendered in such a way that this sofa will look good at high or low graphics settings and the LOD is solid enough that it will hold its shape without deformation.

The animations are arranged with great care with an eye toward taller avatars.  The avsitter system is set up to allow easy repositioning of yourself, or use the adjust>helper to get the adjustment posts to allow you to adjust both avatars at once into the perfect position for whatever size you are.
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The Chesterfield Adult Chair incorporates a full BDSM throne engine  for both Femdom and Maledom  in along with comfy vanilla sits, cuddles and dances.  All of the naughtiness in a classy fashionable form.

Look for the Dictatorshop logo button on the back to adjust leather and metal colors.
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As with the Contempo dungeon items the Chesterfield Bondage Stool comes in five versions.  The OMNI version has all four gender/dominance combinations:

  • Maledom / female sub
  • Femdom / male sub
  • Maledom / male sub
  • Femdom / female sub

The OMNI allows for the widest variety of play.  However if you only need one type of play then the individual ones are for you and reduces clicking to get to the menus you want most.

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Guest / PG Versions 

Love the look of the Chesterfields, but do not need all that racy adult content?  There are a PG version of the sofa and a single sitter "guest" chair and a footstool available.

Chesterfield PG Sofa L$ 449
Chesterfield Guest Chair L$ 349
Chesterfield Guest Stool L$ 99

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The leather colors of this set are a close match (not exact) with the recently released Contempo set to allow for mixing and matching of bondage and livingroom furniture.

Please note: There will be a Bondage Stool and a Guest Stool (single sitter vanilla) available for this set in the near future.

See more pictures on the Dictatorshop Flickr.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Independence Summer Sale - Everything In-World 40% off!!! *

I am away from the shop until Independence Day so I have decided to let all my faithful Dictatorshoppers take advantage of a biiiiig sale while I am gone.  

Come on over and find some new toys to play with over the summer...

All 40% off!!!!  

Friday, 19 May 2017

PG Versions of Contempo Livingroom @ Home & Garden Expo

The Home and Garden Expo runs from 19th of May until 4th June.  It is a Relay For Life event and as Dictatorshop's contribution the PG/Vanilla versions of the livingroom items are available in RFL vendors that donation 100% to the Relay for Life charity.

  • The Contempo Guest Stool L$ 249
  • The Contempo Guest Chair L$ 349
  • The Contempo Guest Sofa L$ 449

The "Guest" versions of these items are strictly vanilla and general audience.  They will allow you to mix and match with your other Contempo items to keep everyone guessing.

The Guest versions are distinguished from the Adult version visually in that the stool has a fixed blanket that does not derez like the Adult one does.  The Guest Chair has a small pillow and the Guest Sofa an extra pillow in the middle.

All these items are available at the Dictatorshop store at the Home and Garden Expo, and can also been seen in the Main Store.

Friday, 12 May 2017

New CONTEMPO Line of products is officially rolled out!

Dear Dictatorshoppers,

You may have noticed that so far this year only a small trickle of new items has hit the shelf.  That is because I have been working madly behind the scenes since the start of the year to rebuild the entire dungeon set up from the ground and also to include coordinating fashionable furniture to the line up.  So without further ado, I am proud to announce a brand new product line:


A whole new generation of furniture for all the naughty ways you live your second life!

I am rolling out five basic pieces now:  Sofa, Chair, Bondage Cross, Bondage Horse and Bondage Stool.  The Sofa and Chair are sold exclusively at  ROMP  from 12-26 May after that they will be available in the store and marketplace.  Each piece crafted to work together in complimentary colors and metals. Tao Beach/44/204/

To celebrate this monumental roll out all Contempo items are SHARPLY DISCOUNTED from their regular prices.  These prices are in effect in world and in the SL marketplace until 1 June.  Get them while they are fresh and hot!

The CONTEMPO ADULT CHAIR incorporates a full bdsm throne engine in along with comfy vanilla sits, cuddles and dances.  All of the naughtiness in a contemporary fashionable form.

There will be a guest version of this chair available soon which will be for a single sitter with female and male sits in it.  This will allow for greater decorating options. 

The sofa includes individual sits for hanging out with a friend - with male, female and unisex sits. It has PG couples cuddles, sex and femdom and maledom menus for light "livingroom" bondage (hands tied, no chains). You will have seen a similar engine in the Arbor Swing. I had many customers ask me if I would make a sofa based on that engine so here it is!

As with the chair, I will also be rolling out a G / PG version of the sofa for more of that stealthy furniture arranging and allowing users to mix and match in the way that best suits their environment.


The three items rolling out today ( Cross, Stool & Horse) each have 5 versions available. There is the OMNI version which has four main menus which cover M/f, F/m, F/f and M/m combinations of dominant and submissive. The other versions are just by single combination type. So if your play is gender fluid or public or you just do not know who might be doing what then the OMNI is for you.  If on the other hand your play is all Male dominant with a female submissive, for example, you can purchase the M/f item with just that arrangement of menus.

The stool is designed to be used with the Sofa and Chair and with this in mind, there is a rezzing "vanilla blanket" (from the Dictatorshop logo on the back).  If someone sits on the blanket they get a simple menu just of "foot stool sits".  This disguises the ring holders and integrates this piece into any room, the user sitting on the blanket can remain blissfully unaware of the nefarious gear under him/her.

I will be adding a "guest stool" to the Contempo lineup soon.  It will have a fixed blanket on it and only the vanilla sits menu so you can just keep them guessing!

But wait, there will be more....

Expect to see a Bondage Post, Bondage Bench and Suspension Frame later in summer - probably around August or so.

You can also expect future texture packs for the Contempo items in materials such as Latex.

Contempo has been blogged!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Update to The XXL Engine Crane arriving today.

Hi all, I am just sending out the update to the XXL Engine Crane - version 1.1.  There were a few things that needed correction.  Details of what changed are in the packing crate with the updated crane.  Everyone who purchased it should receive the update automatically.  If you didn't get your update you can use the redelivery terminal in the main shop to get the item delivered again.

Saturday, 1 April 2017


The XXL Engine Crane is designed to suit any combination of Dom or sub.
  • Male Dom / female sub  
  • Female Dom / male sub  
  • Male Dom / male sub  
  • Female Dom / female sub
It also has solo m/f poses to allow for roleplay.
The XXL Engine crane is fully RLV enabled, capture, strip, restrict etc.
The included attachments will auto-wear if you are using the AvSitter experience and this trap features some unique ones - a fan belt spanker, a socket wrench dildo, a knife for a bit of edge play and a feather for tickling.
 There is an optional rezzable engine - 23 Land Impact (not shown in prim count since it is not required) - it it is rezzed from the small Dictatorshop button at the base of the trap.
There is a built in help button with information about the system as well as full owner manual to show how you can adjust the RLV settings or remove any of the D/s top level menus you may not need.
This item has two textures available - the default is "used/worn" and there is also a "new" one for those who might need it. 
The XXL Engine Crane is suitable for most industrial settings, particularly garages or other automotive or motorcycle settings. 
Watch for additional items of this type in the near future!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

March Madness! 25% Off until St. Paddy's Day!

Everything in the shop 25% off until St. Paddy's Day!!!!*

For kicks-n-giggles and general shenanigans everything found in the main shop (excluding gacha items and gift cards*) are 25% off.  Pay regular price and the vendors will refund the discount immediately.

The Valentine Pillory was so popular last month that I am following it up with a Clover Pillory!  The Clover Pillory is available exclusively at the TWE12VE Shopping Event Sim for only L$499!  It comes with two versions in the box, the 9 land impact version has pot of gold and leprechaun hat and the 7 land impact version comes without the extra decorations.

Also available now are some fun March spankers - only 50 Lindens a try, all with equal chances.  These are available in the main shop and at the event.

**Sale excludes the Clover Pillory sold exclusively item at the TWE12VE event sim and not in the main shop.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New Affiliate Vendors & Free Gift

Today I have sent out an update for all of the existing affiliate vendors.  It contains a copy of the Valentine Pillory for you to play with and display in your shop if you like to draw interest.

The package contains all new vendors and a rezzer which will rez out a default 10m x 10m store with a total land impact of 24.  This will allow you to quickly arrange a shop and then just tweak it as needed for your location.  It is not required that you use this layout but it should save you time setting up.  

The new vendors are set up to optimize wall space while keeping everything within normal camera visibility.  All vendors are modify so you can stretch them if needed.
This package contains a total 12 vendors (not all are needed for a full store). 

Vendors by product group
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Dungeon Furniture ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Outdoors Items ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Whips & Spankers  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Thrones & Chairs ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Seasonally Themed ~ (2 land impact)

The seasonally themed vendor will update (for you) automatically for each season, so it is not necessary to swap it out for new seaons as they arrive.  This is true of all the vendors, I control the lists at the backend so as new products in each category come out you will see them automatically

Because the different beds have some similar texture packs (which can cause confusion when all mixed together) I have set up each of the beds and the outdoor arbor swing up with their own vendors which contain only the beds m/f, f/f and all of the texture huds for that bed.  Some of the beds have similar texture packs so I thought it best to isolate the choices so people do not buy one bed but the texture pack for another.

* Dictatorshop Vendor: Arbor Swing & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Modern Bondage Bed & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Aristocrat Bed & Accessories ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Elegance Bed & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Sophisticate Bed & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact) 

There is one vendor of JUST the beds (no accessories or texture packs) included in the event that you do not have space for the four bed vendors above.  You only need it if you aren't using them.  The Swing is included in the outdoor furniture vendor in the event you do not use the swing vendor.

* Dictatorshop Vendor: Beds By Dictatorshop 

There is one large vendor that contains "The Big List" of products.  This vendor covers the widest variety of my products, but it does NOT contain any of the texture huds for any of the items because I believe there are enough of them to confuse people.  You really only need to use this vendor if you do not have room for the smaller vendors.  There are so many products now that the single vendor can be a bit overwhelming.

* Dictatorshop Vendor: The Big List ~ (2 land impact)

Monday, 6 February 2017

Valentine Roses HUD for the Modern Bondage Bed

I have rolled out the second Valentine HUD for the Modern Bondage Bed.  This set is very dynamic with brightly colored cabbage roses.  There are 5 presets as well as all of the individual elements which allows you to mix and match for just the combination you want.  It is priced for L$299 (bed is sold separately) and is available in the main shop as well as the marketplace.

If you never saw the texture huds from last Valentines day be sure to check out, Cupid, Hearts, Silhouette and the other spring flowers.  There is a rezzing vendor in the shop that allows you to rez out the various huds to try them out in person.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

New Valentine Item - The Valentine Suspension Trap

Just in time for Valentine's Day I have introduced a new suspension trap.  It goes nicely with the Valentine Pillory that came out a few weeks ago.  The trap is available exclusively at the Truth or Dare Affair 2 Event - that runs from 4-31 January.  After that it will be available in the shop and marketplace.  The trap has a land impact of 12 and is priced for a limited time at L$ 499.

This new trap contains over 45 quality animations divided into six main menus. 
  • Male Dominant/female submissive
  • Female Dominant/male submissive
  • Female Dominant/female submissive
  • Male Dominant/male submissive
  • Solo female sub**
  • Solo male sub**
Each menu is carefully adjusted for the genders.  This way minimal adjustment should be required for each combination.  The first sitter is the submissive.  There are swap menus at all levels for your convenience.  You can see if you are in the dominant or submissive sit from the text in the popup menu and adjust yourself accordingly.

Each couples menu has a full menu for "Play" and a full menu for "Sex".  The Female Dominant menus include several strap-on animations.  (bring your own strap-on :-)

Auto-wearing attachments are included:  paddle, dildo, feather, and male/female cuffs.  The trap recognizes if the sub is male or female and attaches the appropriate sized cuffs. 

** The Solo menus must be accessed by the dominant using the control button in the blue popup, you will not see them in your main menu as they are only to control the submissive.  This is best done when the submissive is alone on the trap.

The trap is fully RLV enabled, allowing you to capture, restrict and set a time lock.  There is an automatic 5 minute capture on relay-wearing rlv-enabled subs who sit on the toy, or are captured using the RLV.  The dominant can set the time higher or release them once the sub is on the trap.

GACHA FUN - Pithy Posters Gachas 1 & 2

 Just for the fun of it I have created a new set of simple black posters with a nice black frame with some pithy little sayings for fun and decoration.  They are sold TRANSFER/MODIFY so you can resize them and gift them as you like.