Monday 5 February 2024

Valentine Heart Cage

Find the [Ds] Valentine - Heart Cage priced 20% off through 17 February at the Cosmopolitan shopping event.

The Valentine Heart Cage comes in 1 version : SS OMNI Adult Kink with 30 animations 

The Valentine Heart Cage is designed to keep your submissive firmly under control while you relax. Ideally suited for your patio, your lounge, your garden, your club... anywhere you feel like just letting life drift by. 

  • Adult Kink audience
  • Single Sitter for M or F
  • 30 Animations
  • Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu        
  • 12 Metals, fairy lights on or off
  • AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer 
  • Land Impact 10 for cage itself, 4 for stand, 5 or more for ceiling chains
  • Strong LOD 
  • Highly Detailed 
  • Original Mesh 
  • Original Hand Made Textures
  • Matching items available - Bed, Pillory, Chair, Sofa, Stool, Wall Display and much more! 

The VALENTINE range is just ever so girly, and so it should be. What better way to show that you care than to surround your sweetie with cute and colourful hearts? Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just any time that you feel a little romance is needed. What happens next is entirely up to you, who are we to tell you what romantic means? We just know that shiny hearts are well received by those of the girly disposition! Did we say shiny? We absolutely did, these pieces are all materials enabled to catch the light and add some sexy shimmer to your Second Life!

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★ ☆ ✮

For this one, Dee and Eve got involved in a whole mess of lively creative debate about inspiration and colours before anyone got close to making or putting animations inside. We adore the resulting product you see today, and we hope you do too.

So, this cage, you can do SO MUCH with it. Inside the package you will find the cage with the cutest little heart lock you ever did see, a gorgeous heart shaped stand to hang it from, and if prefer not to use the stand, a whole mess of ceiling chains and such to help you hang the cage from any ceiling.

In addition to 12 stunning metallic finishes, you can also choose to show or hide some fairy lights! Just click the logo button on the back of the cage to control its colours and whether or not to have lights; and on the stand, click the logo button on the back to choose the colour for the stand... mix and match to your heart's content!

★ ☆ ✮

These Animations are included:

 Logical easy to navigate menus



        Peepshow (menu full of solo naughtiness)



        Peepshow (menu full of solo naughtiness)

Full RLV functionality, capture, strip, restrict, timer, etc.  See FAQ for how the settings can be customized to your needs.