Thursday 1 February 2024

New Valentine Furniture 2024

The Valentine Shop & Hop has opened and goes through 19 February.   The Valentine Swirl Lamp is FREE during the event!  Save 20% off all of these new items:
  • Valentine Loveseat Adult Vanilla
  • Valentine Loveseat PG
  • Valentine Chair Adult Kink w/Lapdance 
  • Valentine Chair Adult Vanilla w/Lapdance
  • Valentine Chair PG Couple
  • Valentine Chair PG Single Sitter 
  • Valentine Heart Tables 2pc set
  • Valentine Heart Lamps 2pc set

See them all in the shop!

[Ds] Valentine Loveseat

Indulge in the embrace of luxury with the [Ds] Valentine Loveseat—a statement of elegance and a sanctuary for love. Crafted for the romantics at heart, our loveseat is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an experience waiting to unfold.

Choose from the Adult Vanilla edition, with an extensive repertoire of 160 animations, or the PG version offering 70 animations—each tailored to enrich your moments of intimacy and relaxation. Both editions come alive with a texture-change menu, accessible via the chic [Ds] logo button, offering 10 luscious metals and a variety of handcrafted textures to suit your mood.

Designed to captivate, the Valentine Loveseat boasts an original mesh construction with a low land impact of 6, ensuring it's an addition and a seamless integration into your virtual space. The robust LOD maintains the loveseat's exquisite detail from every angle, inviting you and your avatar to immerse in its comfort, whether solo or couple.

Every touch on the Valentine Loveseat reflects the meticulous hand-made textures, culminating in a visual and tactile delight. Adorn your Second Life with our full Valentine range, featuring matching beds, stools, and wall displays—each piece echoing the girly charm with a sprinkle of shiny hearts that catch the virtual light for that perfect sexy shimmer.

And when it comes to customization, we offer you the canvas to let your imagination run wild. Mix, match, and play with our textures, or settle into comfort with one of our 9 preset designs. The choice is yours.

Animations to express every facet of your digital expression are included. From FemSits to MaleSits, PGCuddles to PGLapCuddles in the PG version, and an added layer of adult intimacy in the AV version, our animations cater to every mood and desire.

Celebrate love, celebrate you with the [Ds] Valentine Loveseat—where every sit is an opportunity for a story to begin. Visit us, and let the romance of Second Life be cradled in the luxury of design and the comfort of animation. Because in the world of [Ds], we don't just create furniture; we craft experiences.

[Ds] Valentine Chair

Embrace the enchantment of the [Ds] Valentine Chair, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to be the jewel of your Second Life haven. Available in a variety of versions to match your desires, this chair is not merely a seat but a vessel of joyous experiences.  Each pack comes with a left and right chair to allow you to mix and match these fun asymmetrical chairs as you like.

For those seeking a tame escape, our PG Couples and Single Sitter versions offer 120 and 60 animations, respectively, perfect for a gentle repose or an innocent rendezvous. Meanwhile, the Adult Vanilla and Kink versions, complete with lapdance animations, unlock a realm of 280 to 370 animations, inviting a depth of interaction and expression for every romantic inclination.

Each curve of the Valentine Chair whispers femininity, its design seamlessly blending into spaces that celebrate girly glamour. Beyond its beauty, the chair comes equipped with a unique Security menu, granting the power to preserve your intimate moments from uninvited spectators—a coveted feature for club owners and privacy enthusiasts alike.

At a touch of the [Ds] logo, the texture change menu is your oyster, offering 10 radiant metals and an array of original, hand-made textures. The choice is effortless whether you're in the mood to mix and match or select a preset design.

Standing proud with a low land impact and an impressive LOD, the Valentine Chair is a testament to attention to detail. Its original mesh and textures promise uniqueness in your virtual world. Discover our matching Valentine collection, from beds to wall displays, all echoing the same heartful charm to complete the look.

The Valentine Chair isn't just about sitting—it's about living. The animations included offer solo and couple poses, with additional dance animations in the Adult versions for those moments when you want to move to the rhythm of your heart. And for those who fancy control, the AK version's animation engine blends dominance and rhythm, making every interaction a story in itself.

Step into our world and let the [Ds] Valentine Chair be the throne to your Second Life kingdom, where every sit is a prelude to an unforgettable tale.

[Ds] Valentine Heart Tables and 

Accentuate the allure of your Second Life abode with the delightful [Ds] Valentine Heart Tables and Lamps, the quintessential duo for romantics and design aficionados alike. These charming pieces bring more than mere functionality; they infuse your virtual space with a dash of whimsy and an abundance of heart.

The Valentine Heart Tables (2 pc set), available in single and double heart designs, offer a land impact as light as their visual feel—one for the single, two for the double. Each table's curvaceous silhouette is a nod to femininity and a wink at playful design. Whether you're setting down a glass of virtual champagne or displaying your treasured collectibles, these tables are the epitome of sturdy meets stylish.

Complementing the tables, the Valentine Heart Lamps (2 pc set) shine a light on your spaces with grace. Available in solid and hollowed heart bases, they are equipped with a projector light feature, casting enchanting shadows to dance across your walls. With a simple touch, the light flickers on or off, and for those who enjoy customization, the moddable script lets you delve into the details of luminescence.

Both the tables and lamps boast the DICTATORSHOP signature: a texture change menu accessible with a simple click on the logo, offering 10 metal options to seamlessly match your aesthetic. And with their original mesh and hand-made textures, these pieces are not just accessories but artworks in themselves.

Designed to complement the entire Valentine range, these pieces invite you to surround yourself with the essence of romance any day of the year. From the girly glamour of shiny hearts to the sexy shimmer that catches the virtual light, every detail is crafted to enhance your Second Life experience.

Adorn your space with the [Ds] Valentine Heart Tables and Lamps, and let your decor narrate a story of love, light, and sophisticated charm. After all, in the world of DICTATORSHOP, romance is not just celebrated; it's lived.