Thursday 5 May 2022

Mode - Cross

The Mode Cross is new and 25% off at We Love Role Play (find the Mode Naughty Chair also discounted!) through the 28th of May.

The Mode Cross comes in one version- OMNI Ak Bondage with 92 animations

The Mode Cross is a piece designed to introduce a little class to your kinky life. Part of the Mode range, it will fit right into any modern or minimalist space. These pieces are designed to help you indulge your need for neat minimalism without sacrificing interest. Beautifully finished bamboo, with subtle metal inlays, is used to elevate rounded frames far above mundane, giving you a stylish, clean look.

  • Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu        
  • 8 Woods, 6 Metals
  • AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled
  • Fully RLV Enabled
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer 
  • Land Impact 9
  • Strong LOD 
  • Highly Detailed 
  • Original Mesh 
  • Original Hand Made Textures 
  • Matching items available - Sofa, Coffee Table, Storage, Bed, Lamps and much more!

When you just need some simplicity and clean lines, but with a little extra touch of something special, look no further than our Mode range. No fuss and no frills here, just beautiful rounded frames in bamboo, finished to the highest standard and given just a touch of luxury with the subtle metal inlays. Where comfort matters, we have used classic woven linens to keep that clean vibe going. We love it, and we hope you will too!

Whether straight, gay, lesbian, bi and whether you like to play as a Master, Mistress, Dominant, submissive, slave, pet, or just plain vanilla, you will find something in this set to get your imagination stoked and your avatar stroked, or spanked, or bound, or wherever your mind takes you.      

★ ☆ ✮

These Animations are included:

  • SoloFSubmissive
  • SoloMSubmissive

MENU MALE/female

  •  BeginEndMf
  •  ForePlayMf
  •  OralMf
  •  DisciplineMf
  •  SexMf


  •  BeginEndFm
  •  ForePlayFm
  •  OralFm
  •  DisciplineFm
  •  Sex&StrapOnFm


  •  BeginEndMm
  •  ForePlayMm
  •  OralMm
  •  DisciplineMm
  •  SexMm


  •  BeginEndFf
  •  ForePlayFf
  •  OralFf
  •  DisciplineFf
  •  StrapOnFf