Friday 10 December 2021

Swan Lake - Massage Tables

The new Swan Lake Massage Tables are exclusively available at the Christmas Shop and Hop event, along with select other Swan Lake items.  Be sure to look for the FREE Swan Lake Accent Chair at the event!

The Swan Lake Massage Tables come in two versions.

  • OMNI Adult Vanilla with 313 animations
  • OMNI PG with 141 animations 

The Swan Lake Massage Table is a piece designed to help you relax and enjoy the best that luxury life has to offer. Deeply padded and styled to blend seamlessly with your other fancy furniture, it will be at home in your boudoir or your spa. Part of the Swan Lake range, it will fit right into any refined and elegant space.


** Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu 

  • 10 woods, 14 fabrics
  • AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled. 
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer
  • Land Impact 6
  • Auto rezzing and attaching accessories.
  • Strong LOD
  • Highly Detailed
  • Original Mesh
  • Original Hand Made Textures
  • Matching items available - Bed, Vanity, Sofa and Much More!

The Swan Lake range is luxuriously curvy and elegant, finished to a high standard with ostentation and opulence in mind. A wide range of glorious designer fabrics and gilding and wood finishes allows you effortlessly to co-ordinate with your decor. Choose from lotuses or roses, or sumptous plain satins, mix and match until your elegant heart is satisfied. These pieces fit into any high end setting, we think they're especially suited to the luxe aesthetic, and will add heaps of value to any room..

This massage table is fully featured, with every conceivable combination of person is catered for. Everyone can have a full body, luxurious, relaxing massage and feel the stresses and strains of life just melt away. What bliss! For those with a need for more action, there is all sorts of naughtiness included too, just choose the version that suits your needs. More details below.

The bottom shelf is not used by the animations so you are free to add fun decor items there without interference.

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Both versions feature:

These Massage Tables are OMNI versions which means that they accommodate all four possible combinations of users for all of the menus: Solo, Massages, PG and Adult menus:

  •     Female -> Male
  •     Male -> Female
  •     Female -> Female
  •     Male - > Male 

The massages include a sequence button (first in the menu) which will move through all of the massages at a leisurely pace (switching to the next every 2 minutes) giving you at least a 40-56 minute massage before it repeats.  The sequence begins at the feet and works all the way up to the head, ending with the massager sitting on the table with the massagee's head in their lap massaging their neck.  The next button in the menu allows you to progress more quickly if you desire.

These Animations are included in all versions - PG, AV


  • SoloF
  • SoloM
  • Massages
    • Female->Male
    • Male->Female
    • Female->Female
    • Male->Male
  • PG_MF
  • PG_FF
  • PG_MM

These Animations are included in the AV version only, in addition to the ones already listed.

  • Adult_MF
    • Foreplay_MF
    • ForHer_MF
    • ForHim_MF
    • Facing_MF
    • HimBehind_MF
  • Adult_FF
  • Adult_MM