Friday 10 December 2021

December 10th Only! Free Christmas Themed Floor Cushion

 Today 10 December I have a free Christmas themed Floor Cushion in the Seraphim Advent Calendar  2021.   They are only free today so go have a look at the Seraphim Outlet!  Teleport in and click the number 10 drawer on the calendar for yours!

Find the Frosted Sofa and Loveseat 50% off during December @ the Outlet.

This cute little single sitter cushion contains 40 animations inside it to allow your guests to express themselves with plenty of variety for male or female sitters.  Use the logo button on the back to change the textures.  It also helps you when setting down the cushions as it indicates the back side of the cushion so sitters are facing the right way for your plans.  

It is ok to shift copy the cushions if needed, just be aware that the scripts will reset themselves and take a minute or two to reload in preparation for sitters.

Be sure to check out the matching FROSTED items in the main store!


40 Solo animations

Sits for Male, Female and Unisex

Includes Activities menus with auto rezzing props

        Coffee, Tea, Water, Tablet, Phone & Popcorn

Rock solid LODs 

Perfect for indoor or outdoor gatherings

All 10 Texture options built-in to the logo button on the back

Land Impact = 2