Sunday 17 October 2021

Opulence Luxe Beds

The  Opulence Luxe Beds are 20% off exclusively at Cosmopolitan from 17-30 October 2021.

To test the texture menu please refer to the demo in the main store.

The Opulence Luxe Beds come in 2 versions:

  • Adult Vanilla 
  • Couples PG 

The Opulence Luxe Bed is a piece designed to add some serious elegance to your bedroom. It will be perfectly at home in your boudoir or in your penthouse. Part of the Opulence range, it will fit right into any luxury space.

  • Click the [Ds] logo button to access the texture change menu
  • 4 woods, 17 fabrics
  • AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled
  • Copy/Mod/No Transfer
  • Land Impact 19
  • Strong LOD
  • Highly Detailed
  • Original Mesh
  • Original Hand Made Textures
  • Matching items available - Chair, Chaise, Sofa and much more!

Are you ready to be fabulous? We absolutely are. We're vibing with all the curves and lush opulence of Art Nouveau and giving it a fresh twist so that if you need to style things in a more classic way, you can. The Opulence range is all about overstuffed luxury upholstery with a glorious shine and finish, redolent with class and just dripping with curvy gorgeousness! 

We have hand painted peacocks (who doesn't love peacocks?!) and peonies on sumptuous, lustrous satins and the same beautiful base satins in solid colours. For the hardware we've gone with the classic Gold and Silver metallic finishes along with a gorgeous ebony and a lovely bleached out wood.

How many colourways? Well. Really a whole lot, but don't panic, we have included a mess of presets to get you seated comfortably in no time at all. To be precise about it:

1 Factory Reset - Simple, plain ebony fabric with Gold metallic trim and legs.

9 Presets - Quick solutions for getting stylish - 3 with just solid satin, 3 featuring peacocks and 3 featuring peonies.

If you delight in detail and want to get picky, you can go bananas as follows:

Whole Thing: Turn all the fabric parts at once to one of 9 solid satins, or one of 4 Peacock prints, or one of 4 Peony prints.

Frame, Accent Pillows, Comforter, Headboard and Piping can all be individually controlled too, with the same options as 'Whole Thing' above.

As usual, just click on the logo button on the back of the headboard to access the texture options.

Animation wise, there is fun and frolics for two or three people, everything from sweet kisses and cuddles all the way to full on raunch, depending on the version you choose. As things can get a little bit tangled when three people are involved, there is a handy help button to get you all sorted out again (more details on that below)!


These Animations are included in both versions - PG and AV:

The PG version contains 198 PG animations for MF, FF, FMM, and MFF.  Includes the individual sits so that all three sitters have choices for either gender, this allows everyone to hang out how they like without affecting the other one or two sitters.












Trios  (please see menu notes below)

        FFM Cuddle

        MMF Cuddles


Lesbian  (please see menu notes below)





These Animations are included in the AV version, in addition to the ones already listed:

Sex MF







Threesome  (please see menu notes below)

        FFM Sex

        MMF Sex


Lesbian  (please see menu notes below)









The bed is avatar gender aware and will attempt to put your avatar in the correct sit for the activities on offer.  Because these beds contain both threesome and lesbian menus , this can be a bit confusing at first use.  Once you have used it a couple times it becomes clearer.

First female sitter on bed gets "Female1" position

First male sitter gets the "Male1" position

Second female or male sitter gets the "Third" position

So a M/F couple will be automatically on Female1 and Male1

A F/F couple will be sat on Female1 and Third

Threesomes will have the second person of the same gender in the Third position

If you need to swap, the help menu gives you quick swapping between the various possible combos.  These are more effective than the default Swap button in the menus and you have more control over who is going where.

These beds are set up to allow you to have a third person on the bed, even when the couples menus are in use.  The third person can use the individual menus to control his/her sit position.