Friday 16 July 2021

Paragon Loveseat

 The Paragon Loveseats are available 20% off exclusively at the Man Cave Event from 17 July through 10 August.

Be sure to keep checking back for the CHAIR AND SOFA to match this loveseat!

[Ds] Paragon Loveseats

The Paragon Loveseats are available in two versions to allow you to choose just what you need. Adult Vanilla and PG.

The PARAGON range is all about comfort. Gently aged leathers, just like your jacket when it stopped looking so stiff, warm tones and colours to co-ordinate with pretty much any decor aesthetic. And, for the adventurous, you can jazz up the trim with some genuinely exotic leathers. How about a little Ostrich? Perhaps some Croc? We have you covered. And no, no animals were harmed in the making of this piece, but you can tell your friends anything you like, we won't snitch!

Depending on the version you buy, you have everything from sweet hugs and kisses all the way through to full throttle sex. Menu details are further down to help you choose.

These pieces are all materials enabled to catch the light and add some seriously realistic texture to your Second Life! The animations have been thoughtfully placed to make as comfortable as possible. With a tiny Land Impact of only 11LI, you are going to love this thing.


I have been working to push the envelope on DICTATORSHOP furniture.  With Paragon I went WILD, really wild, lol!  Crocodile, giraffe, tiju lizard, leopard, ostrich, snake  and a bunch more.  All carefully selected to work with the dozen solid leathers introduced in the Heritage and Circles lines.  The new Paragon set (Chair and Sofa coming in a few weeks!) will allow you to be as tame or as as wild as you like by mixing and matching the main and trim portions to suit yourself.  

Press the logo button on the back of the loveseat to access (DO NOT SIT WHILE CHANGING TEXTURES, IF YOU ARE SITTING THE MENU WONT POP UP):

1 Factory Reset to just take everything back to simple black with brass studs.

 9 Presets for the entire piece for those who like a quick and simple choice.

Whole Thing - This changes the whole piece to a single leather from 12 Leathers and 13 exotics

Accent Trim - This changes the edging of the cushions and the arm fronts to a single leather 12 Leathers and 13 exotics.

The solid (non-exotic) leathers are similar to the Heritage and other sets to allow for fun mixing and matching of furniture while keeping a consistent feel.

5 metals for the studs and legs

This gives you a genuinely huge number of possibilities to mix and match to best complement your decor.

The texture menu can be locked down by using the ACCESS menu in the texture menu.

[Ds] PARAGON Loveseat Adult Vanilla

Features over 160 animations.  The menus are laid out like this:













[Ds] PARAGON Loveseat PG

Features 70 animations.  The menus are laid out like this: