Wednesday 30 June 2021


 Along with the recent Chateau Executive Desk set I whipped up matching book cases, a double with bondage cross built in and a double and single width decor version with rezzing decor/books.  Somehow I seem to have forgotten to post anything about them or advertise them at all. Oppsies.  So they are in the shop through 8 July at the event price of 25% off.  

[Ds] CHATEAU Bookcase Double Adult Kink

The Chateau Bookcase Double is an innocent looking bookshelf with a library ladder, designed to coordinate with any of the CHATEAU furniture from the bedroom to the bar sets.   It has secrets... Part of the Chateau range, it will fit right into any luxury or palatial setting. 

The Chateau range is curvy, shapely, elegant and finished to a high standard with luxury and opulence in mind. A wide range of designer fabrics and wood finishes allows you effortlessly to co-ordinate with your decor.

To access the texture control, just click on the logo button near the floor on the right hand side of the piece. You can choose from:

7 Woods and 5 metals

The Bondage Shelf is fully RLV enabled and the default settings can be changed by the owner.  The ladder is a fully featured bondage cross, ready at any time to make your sub squirm. With a great range of single poses to display your sweetie, and a whole mess of ways to interact with and torment them, it's going to take quite a while to run out of things to do! Configured so that you can find your preferred combination of gender and orientation quickly, this piece caters for all possibly preferences. 

The adjustment scripts are inside in case you wish to adjust anything. Once the positions are changed you can "dump" the settings and click the link and save the new settings into the avpos notecard, making the changes permanent, even if the scripts are reset.  Read more on the blog FAQ.

Land Impact of 14.

[Ds] CHATEAU Bookcase Double DECOR

No sits are included.  Color change button is the logo button on the side also rezzes the decor bits.

[Ds] CHATEAU Single Bookcase DECOR

No sits are included.  Color change button is the logo button on the side also rezzes the decor bits.