Sunday 10 May 2020

[Ds] Chateau Bench Adult Kink OMNI Bondage

The [Ds] Chateau Bench Adult Kink OMNI Bondage is for sale and 25% off at the ROMP shopping event 10-25 May 2020

This subtle bondage bench matches perfectly with both the living room, bar, and bedroom Chateau items.  It contains 24 fabric textures for bench and rezzing blanket to match all of the existing fabrics in the other rooms.

This item has a help menu for users just sit and click it to see the notecard.

NOTE:  Sub should always sit first, although there is a pop up on sit to allow the sitter to choose Dominant or Submissive just to help cut down on confusion.


The Bench has a Dictatorshop logo on the end, click this to get the texture menu.  From there you can choose the fabric, woods, and metals.

FABRICS - 12 From the bedroom set and 12 from the living room set for maximum color matching across the Chateau product lines

Please note that the texture menu pops up in the menu last used, so it may be necessary to navigate up until you see the FABRICS METALS WOODS AND RESET buttons to drill back down to the menu you desire.

The textures are in an external button so that you can lock down the settings (owner button) and others cannot change your textures.  This way the use of the furniture is unaffected by that restriction and can be used normally.


There are four rezzable blankets for the Bench Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Male and Female/Male (accessible from the Ds Logo on the end).  These feature 70-85 animations each of additional "vanilla" PG and Adult animations.     The reason for this additional rezzing feature is 1) hide the bondage menus when they are not needed and 2) for technical reasons, as the  AvSitter (the pose engine used) has a maximum number of menu items it can have in it and the benches are so fully featured that all four gender/dominance simply will not fit in a single engine. The blankets themselves have a color changer in them to allow you to choose one of the two dozen available colors.

If you would like to set which color blanket will rez by default the simple solution to this is to copy the blankets out, remove them from the logo button (check "edit linked parts" on the edit window and select the logo button).  Rez the blankets out, sit on them and use the texture menu to set it as you want it.  Take them back to inventory (careful not to confuse the first and second ones) and drag them from your inventory back into the contents of the logo prim.  If you do not remove the old ones first the new ones will have _1 on the end of the name and will not rez.

 The blankets are mod, so you can tinker with them if needed to get them to match your furniture.   If you do not want others being able to access the textures simply remove the lines "BUTTON Texture|-1864098" out of the avpos notecard in the blanket, and then remove the black tulip script in the blanket to reduce lag.