Sunday 26 January 2020

Chateau Sectional Straight Set & Value Pack 3 in 1


[Ds] Chateau Sectional Straight Set

This two piece set consists of two straight narrow sectional pieces, one chair with back and one stool without a back.  Both sections have Bento sits for both male and female sitters.

These are single sitter (maturity rating = Everyone) social seating.  Each chair has their own menus. 

Land Impact:
Stool (without back) = 4
Chair (with back) = 5

Texture change is controlled from the Dictatorshop logo on the back of the items. There are 12 leathers, 6 metal tacks and 7 wood choices.  The sectionals are MOD so you can tint the fabrics to suit your decor if needed.  A pack of optional throw pillows is included with the set in case you would like to spruce up the seating and wish match the pillows on the other Chateau living room furniture.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE SEATS ARE NOT LINKED TO EACH OTHER as this will break the seating and the color change.

There are three preset arrangements included for your convenience, they rez as a full circle, just remove the sections you don't need.  If you have the edit window open BEFORE you rez them out the entire group will be selected on rez and is easier to move around. 

No pillows are included ON these sectionals (it they are built in it would add prims and look really "repeaty" with many of the sectionals together) but you are able to add your own as you like from the optional pack (included), just use the back on either side of the main sits to position your items/pillows.  The widest sit is the Indian sit so be sure to test in that and other poses just to make sure things are aligned and looking good for everyone. 

These Chateau Sectionals are textured to match the other pieces in the Chateau line of products so be sure to check them out in the main shop!


 [Ds] Chateau Sectionals VALUE PACK 3 in 1

This Value Pack is discounted 25% off the individual prices of all three of the existing Chateau Sectional Sets:
  • [Ds] Chateau Sectional Inner Curves Set 
  • [Ds] Chateau Sectional Outer Curves Set 
  • [Ds] Chateau Sectional Straight Set
This pack gives you all the pieces to create just the social seating area you want. Each section seats one sitter in a wide variety of male and female animations and are suitable for any setting.  

Each of the sections have a dozen leathers to choose from as well as 7 woods and 6 tack colors (on the sections with backs).

An optional throw pillow set is included with 12 colors of satin pillows in two styles to choose from.  

There are white leathers and satins to allow you to tint if needed to achieve the exact look you desire.