Saturday 13 October 2018

Vespera Dragon Armoire

The Vespera Dragon Armoire is available exclusively at Red Light District RLD from October 15.  Save 20% by buying over at the event!

This highly detailed armoire is a single sitter RLV cage -  controllable by others by clicking the armoire body.  Matches with other similar items in the Vespera line.

The doors open/close by clicking the door knobs or the knob plates on the inside of the door.  The doors do not lock, however the default RLV capture setting is "no touch" to prevent victims from opening once captured.

Full RLV functionality, capture, strip, restrict, timer, etc.  See FAQ for how the settings can be customized to your needs.

Texture Changer - via the logo button inside the armoire.  There are five wood choices in addition to two door inserts with transparency for admiring your victim.

Over 30 quality animations to choose from, most with chains, a couple simple unchained kneels.

   ⁂   Sitting (10)
   ⁂   Kneeling (8)
   ⁂   Hanging (7)
   ⁂   HangingUSD (upside down) (8)