Sunday 26 August 2018

Vindustria Clawfoot Bathtub

This new Vindustria Clawfoot Bathtub is 20% off exclusively at Cosmo from 27 August through 8 September 2018.   Only L$ 796!

 This new bathroom set (see below for more) is beginning with this free standing tub, designed to go anywhere without requiring a wall or a certain configuration of your bathing space.


This tub has a a variety of animations for single females, single males as well as couples menus divided by PG and Adult.

(offered to female sitter)
SingleFSoak (11)
SingleFWash (10)

(offered to male sitter)
SingleMSoak (13)
SingleMWash (6)

(offered to both sitters)
    Soak (7)
    Cuddle (10)
    Wash (9)
    Kiss (9)

    Oral/Hand (5)
    FacingSex (7)
    RevSex (8)


Click the LOGO or the water spout/handles part to get the menu. 

There are three water settings in the top of the menu Full Tub (same as no bubbles), bubbles on, bubbles off, empty tub. 

This tub offers 5 metals for the pipes and 6 tub textures.  The top and bottom of the ceramic tub are separate faces, making it tintable to any color you may wish to match.  Simply edit the face on the bottom of the tub and choose a color you like.  There is a ~Reset~ button in the texture changer to put everything back to default, just in case anything goes wrong.

It is possible to limit  the access to the menu - but this will prevent changing the bubbles.  If you want users to be able to change the bubbles but not the colors, simply edit the prim with the logo on it and remove the BT_TEXTURE notecards for the options you do not want used and then they simply wont show.  If you change your mind later, just rez out a new tub.


You can expect to find matching bathroom pieces in upcoming Cosmo events (new ones starting every other Sunday).  Pedestal sink, toilet, freestanding shower and bondage radiator are coming up!