Thursday 2 August 2018

Ladies Chaises now in Adult Vanilla and Adult Kink

New at the Fetish Fair

Adult Versions of the Chesterfield and Contempo Ladies Chaises.

They are 20% off at the event until 17 August.  See IMPORTANT NOTE below if you already purchased the PG versions of these chaises.

The Chesterfield and Contempo versions of the Chaises use the same engines so for brevity I am combining:

Ladies Chaise -  PG Version

This version of the chaise contains 136 PG animations and is appropriate for areas where it can be used as a single sitting chair for Her with some fun reclines/lays and sexy sits.  There are also general pg socializing for two sitters.

All of the style, without any of the adult content.

Ladies Chaise - Adult Vanilla

The Adult Vanilla version of the chaise contains all of the content in the PG version as well as sexy adult content with a total of 238 animations.  This version is for those not into Femdom but want mainstream adult content options.

Ladies Chaise - Adult Kink Femdom

This is the deluxe version of the Ladies Chaise with 345 quality animations inside. It features all of the animations in the PG and AV versions of the chaise but adds over 100 FEMDOM animations making it a full featured Ladies Chaise.

The Femdom menu includes tender cuddles and hanging out, as well as foot fetish, ride-on, spanking, oral and sex with a Femdom specific slant.

(There is no Maledom version of the Ladies Chaise, sorry Gents!)


When the PG versions Ladies Chaises came out back in February I promised everyone that I would get around to ADULT versions of them eventually and give people an upgrade path. With this in mind, today I have sent out a 500 Linden gift card to all who purchased either the Chesterfield or Contempo Ladies Chaise PG version.  The package you received is called "[Ds] UNPACK RIGHT AWAY FOR YOUR LADIES CHAISE UPGRADE INFO!"

Because the gift card is less than the cost of the new adult versions of the Ladies Chaises it will ask for debit permissions (this is a standard Caspervend gift card).  If you are not comfortable with giving permissions, there is a "top off" terminal at the front desk of the main shop where you can wear the card, click and pay it the difference for what you want to buy and it will add it to your card so that no debit permissions are needed.  If you have any issues making that work just drop me a line and I am happy to assist.