Wednesday 1 August 2018

Keys to Purchasing DICTATORSHOP items

User Ratings Key

Those of you who shop with Dictatorshop have probably noticed these ratings on all of the latest sales posters.  I have begun using these categories to help my shoppers to find the right level for their needs.

In the past few years I have begun making more mainstream looking furniture and some of my customers prefer more "general audience" or "adult vanilla" in some or all of their pieces to allow them to mix and match.

I use PG rather than G because well, we are all adults and it seems to be more recognized by the internationals than G.  Most of the PG stuff you could have in front of your Grandma and not feel too concerned.

The Adult Vanilla is the step between general audience PG stuff and any fetish or kink.  You will find warm-ups and mainstream sex but no bondage or fetish kink.

Adult Kink encompasses the first two levels and adds on the extra-naughty stuff for when you want all the possibilities open!

Dominance & Gender Key

For the Adult Kink items there are four categories and/or an all-in-one.  The first letter (shown in caps) shows you the Dominant in the combo and the second letter indicates the sub.  OMNI indicates that all four dominance/gender combos are included.

I am careful in my mixed sets to give each of the four sets some of their own animations and not just the same exact things readjusted for everyone.  Any of us who have been in SL a while know the old swap and adjust dance, I have created these separate menus so that all of the animations are adjusted as well as possible for the desired combo.

In Femdom (male or female sub versions) there are usually strap-on sex animations broken out into their own menu so that users can be sure who is doing what to whom. Strap-ons, unlike other auto rezzing items are not included as I have found that ladies prefer to use their own adjustable ones and it is simply too difficult to make an attachment of this sort to fit everyone automatically given all of the various mesh bodies out there.  The strap-on menus will also work well for trans avatars as they are.