Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Cosmopolitan Shopping Event - 3-17 December


I wanted to add some naughtiness to your winter decorations and here is one of the two sleds I dreamed up!  The miSLED Bench Bondage is an OMNI item - meaning it has menus set up specifically for all the gender/dominance combinations: M/f, F/m, F/f and M/m.  There is a FULL bondage bench in this innocent looking item!

There are two parts to the sled, the sled (which contains all the bondage) and the rezzing blankets which have all the cuddles, foreplay, oral and sex for each of the four combinations in a separate winter plaid blanket which is rezzed from the small logo button on the back.  The blanket helps keep that innocent sled look right up until it is stripped away.

The system is set up so that if someone sits on the sled portion (or is captured) the blanket is removed.  The bondage portion contains full RLV functionality and can capture, restrict, etc.  The sub should sit (or be captured) first and there are menus to allow you to pose your victim without having to be sitting on the sled yourself (as with most of Dictatorshop bondage items).

There are four paints and four wood textures available via the logo button on the back.  This item is sold copy/mod/no transfer and  has a land impact of 12  for the sled and 2 for the blanket when rezzed.  It has a rock solid LOD which will keep it from deforming at distance, even at lower graphic settings.

The miSLED Bench Bondage is sold exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Shopping Event with a 20% discount  until December 17, after that it will be in the main store and market place.