Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New Affiliate Vendors & Free Gift

Today I have sent out an update for all of the existing affiliate vendors.  It contains a copy of the Valentine Pillory for you to play with and display in your shop if you like to draw interest.

The package contains all new vendors and a rezzer which will rez out a default 10m x 10m store with a total land impact of 24.  This will allow you to quickly arrange a shop and then just tweak it as needed for your location.  It is not required that you use this layout but it should save you time setting up.  

The new vendors are set up to optimize wall space while keeping everything within normal camera visibility.  All vendors are modify so you can stretch them if needed.
This package contains a total 12 vendors (not all are needed for a full store). 

Vendors by product group
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Dungeon Furniture ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Outdoors Items ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Whips & Spankers  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Thrones & Chairs ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Seasonally Themed ~ (2 land impact)

The seasonally themed vendor will update (for you) automatically for each season, so it is not necessary to swap it out for new seaons as they arrive.  This is true of all the vendors, I control the lists at the backend so as new products in each category come out you will see them automatically

Because the different beds have some similar texture packs (which can cause confusion when all mixed together) I have set up each of the beds and the outdoor arbor swing up with their own vendors which contain only the beds m/f, f/f and all of the texture huds for that bed.  Some of the beds have similar texture packs so I thought it best to isolate the choices so people do not buy one bed but the texture pack for another.

* Dictatorshop Vendor: Arbor Swing & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Modern Bondage Bed & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Aristocrat Bed & Accessories ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Elegance Bed & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact)
* Dictatorshop Vendor: Sophisticate Bed & Accessories  ~ (2 land impact) 

There is one vendor of JUST the beds (no accessories or texture packs) included in the event that you do not have space for the four bed vendors above.  You only need it if you aren't using them.  The Swing is included in the outdoor furniture vendor in the event you do not use the swing vendor.

* Dictatorshop Vendor: Beds By Dictatorshop 

There is one large vendor that contains "The Big List" of products.  This vendor covers the widest variety of my products, but it does NOT contain any of the texture huds for any of the items because I believe there are enough of them to confuse people.  You really only need to use this vendor if you do not have room for the smaller vendors.  There are so many products now that the single vendor can be a bit overwhelming.

* Dictatorshop Vendor: The Big List ~ (2 land impact)