Friday 9 December 2016

Buckley Rides Again!!!!

This is Buckley - a bit of a reincarnation of an old classic horse from waaaay back in the shop's history. I decided to reincarnate Buckley with a new twist.  The horse is not animated to actually rock, but given the great animations you will be bound to rock something!  190 animations in the adult version and over 100 in the PG version gives you a lot to choose from.
Buckley includes menus for Solo sits and the couples include slow dances, cuddles and kisses. This item is very photogenic and the poses are adjusted for maximum cuteness!  The adult version contains a nice selection of oral sex, standing or on horse sex to choose from.
It is made with carefully crafted materials that will look much the same whether you are able to see advanced lighting or not.  The highlights are baked in so that Buckley looks awesome for everyone.
There is a texture HUD included free with this purchase. It allows you to choose from five different wood colors, as well as saddle, blanket, reins and base textures.
Additional texture HUDs for Buckley will become available over time (i.e. seasonal decorations). If you are looking for a particular fabric/color scheme, please do send me a suggestion notecard. The HUDs will work for either Adult or PG versions of the horse.
The PG version is available in the Main Shop, the SL Marketplace and at The Naughty List
The ADULT version of this item available at The Naughty List event exclusively until New Years.
UPDATED:  Now available in the shop and SL Marketplace.
 The ADULT version contains all the animations available in the PG version, and the package also includes the PG version for your convenience.