Saturday, 26 November 2016

Releaseapolooza 2016

Dear Dictatorshoppers,

I have been laboring behind the scenes and today I have so many things to show you, this is going to be a novel!

First thing, there are Holiday Gift Cards in the store and for A LIMITED TIME ONLY all items in the special gift card vendor at the front of the shop is dispensing gift card for all the newest and coolest items at 30% off.  The gift card comes in a decorative gift box for gift giving.  You can treat yourself to the savings as well.  Here is an example of the gift card that the recipient will get.

The gift cards are personal, not just a Linden dollar amount, but a specific item you choose. You buy the transferable gift card, give it to your special person.  He/she wears the gift card, clicks the buy now button and the item is delivered directly to them without them having to come to the store or anything.  It is the perfect gift for intimate occasions where you want to surprise someone!

And noooooowwwww some of the things you will find in the Gift Card Vendor!


 I have finally completed the lesbian bed base I have been working on for some time now.  Over 300 animations which have been handpicked and painstakingly adjusted for the girl/girl couple.  I have added a lesbian version of the Elegance and the Sophisticate beds and have just released a brand new bed of a sort I have not seen in SL before:

The Aristocrat Bed

 This bed has a dress for the headboard and is styled to have the dress feeling right through to the comforter.  It is 19 land impact and has a nice solid LOD so that it keeps its fine form even if you zoom out a ways.

The Aristocrat comes with a texture HUD included with all of the rich velvet colors shown on the poster.  The dress, pillows and bow colors can be controlled individually so you can mix and match.  Additional color HUDs will become available shortly and will be sold separately.

 The M/F version of the bed uses the same animation engine found in the Elegance and Sophisticate beds.  The menus in both are carefully planned and laid out for ease of use. 

The F/F lesbian version is painstakingly created without any of those ridiculous poses that make the ladies cry laughing.

The Elegance Bed

To prevent confusion I have renamed the existing beds to include M/F in the name so that it is clear which is the heterosexual bed and which is the lesbian.

The HUDs will still work the same with both beds, only the animation engines are different.
M/F Version
F/F Version

The Sophisticate Bed

The original Sophisticate has been renamed to add M/F to the name and there is also a lesbian version of the bed.  There are also three brand new texture HUDs available for the Sophisticate Beds.
M/F Version
F/F Version

 The Naughty Bondage Wreath

Looking for something unexpected for decorating?  This innocent looking holiday wreath is full of surprises.  It starts out with a few stands for single sitters and once a second person sits you have slow dances, cuddles, kisses and some fun naughtiness from there.

The adult menu contains (standing) foreplay, oral & sex and the end of the candy cane acts as a ring holder for some Christmas themed cuffs. A bit of light bondage both for him to do onto her and for her to do onto him.

There is a default camera position built in so that you can put this item up against a wall and the user is not trapped with their camera on the wrong side, just hit escape a time or two to reset to a view looking back at the avatars.

Problems with being too tall or too short? Easily solved, just move the wreath to the height that works for you!

Say it with cuddles - Holiday Greeting Mat

I decided to make a fun L$ 100 transferable Christmas gift and here they are - over 40 and counting! This cuddle mat does double duty as a greeting card for the holidays. It is sold TRANSFER/no copy/no mod specifically for gift giving and comes already packed in a pretty decorative box.

The mat features SIXTY QUALITY ANIMATIONS with dances, cuddles, kisses and some silly fun animations (all standing up). The mat measures approximately 2 meters wide by 1.5 meter.

This cuddle mat is adjusted for M/F but works fairly well for F/F for many poses. You can try this out in my main shop if you like, there are over 40 different Greeting Mats to choose from based on this engine in the shop.

The gift box has a small picture of the mat on it so you can tell them apart without unpacking if you buy multiples.

Holiday Greeting Mats may include clip art from PremiumClipart ©  -individual items using these graphics include a notecard inside identifying their clip art creator.