Friday, 14 October 2016

Time to ROMP!!!!

[Edited: Romp is over so the Sophisticate Bed is now available in the shop and marketplace]

This elegant bed features over 280 animations linked with logical menus and sub menus.
The Individual menu allow each sitter to control their own pose (without affecting the pose of the other sitter).  This gives you flexibility when you are just hanging out.
  • Individual
    • Female Sits/Lays
    • Male Sits/Lays
  • Cuddles - broken up by type.
    • HerTopCuddles
    • HimTopCuddles
    • Curled
    • OnSides
    • Kisses
  • Massages
    • For Him
    • For Her
  • Sex
    • Oral4Her
    • Oral4Him
    • HerTopForward
    • HerTopReversed
    • HimTop
    • HimBehind
  • Femdom
    • Tied Play*
    • Tied Strap-On Sex*
  • Maledom
    • Tied Play*
    • Tied Sex*
    • Rough
* Rezzes ropes for the tied poses.

There are five add-ons for the Sophisticate Bed rolling out with its debut (sold separately).  Each of the HUDs offer five different fabric choices.  More HUDs will become available over time.  I do take requests if there is a particular look you would like to have. 


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