Monday, 3 October 2016

Mistress Chair Fat Pack

This set is a very special set that I created for the  Velvet Thorn Femdom and which I am offering to the public as well. 

The Mistress Chair does not allow male avatars to sit alone and if the Domme crashes, stands or uses the UnsitSub button he is also unsit.  The submissive does not even get a menu, so no bratty swapping or changing the pose when Mistress is afk.

The chair was designed for a public social venue with  "Femdom with Decorum"  in mind.  It contains 116 Quality animations with 66 Menu Choices for the discerning Domme.

  •     26 Sits spread across three menus for easy navigation (the sub is in Bracelets pose on a cushion in front).
  •     20 Sitting couples poses where the sub has more interaction with the sitting Domme.
  •     7 Mani/Pedi/Fetish poses
  •     5 Spanks
  •     8 Sit on Him poses
The Mistress Chair has a land impact of 6, the Guest Chair is 5 Li, the floor cushions 2 Li each.

The chair rezzes props:
  • Fingernail Polish Tray -  5Li
  • Fingernail Polish Brush (worn)
  • Glasses (worn)
  • Sub Cushion
  • Cigarette (worn)
  • Ashtray (worn)
  • Vapor Cigarette (worn)
There are 5 Mistress Chairs included in the package.  They have wood color changers (click the little decoration on the front of the chair to get that menu.  The color changer can be locked to owner only from that menu if you do not wish others changing anything.  I would have just had the fabric changer in there too but then the rezzed sub cushion is the wrong color, so I just included one of each properly color coordinated.

The set also includes a GUEST CHAIR which allows all sitters and contains the basic 26 sits of the Mistress Chair.  It contains a color changer that allows all 5 fabric and wood choices so that you can match it or coordinate it with the Mistress Chair.

The set also contains 5 floor cushions, one in each color, but otherwise the same.  They have Bracelets as the default sit, but allow a few other poses for comfort.  The Mistress Chair rezzes its own sub cushion for use with the chair.  These are in case you would like to have other sub seating available to coordinate with the look of the chairs.


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