Saturday, 1 October 2016

Halloween is on the way!!!!

I have just put out two very fun Halloween HUDs out for the Modern Bondage bed.

The BRIGHTS package features bold colors and patterns.  The two included HUDS give you the choice of pattern or solid.

The MUTED package carries on the Halloween theme but in a quieter set of colors.   It also has two included HUDS one pattern and the other solids.

Each pattern and solid is available for each part of the bed using the Mix & Match side of the HUD.

The packs are priced at the usual L$ 400.  However buy them before the end of Sunday 2nd Oct and save 40%!

These packs are an extra good value as the solids can be used at any time of year.

Any Modern Bondage Bed HUD can be intermixed with the textures of any other HUD.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

I have all four of the HUDS rezzed out on the nightstand in the main store for you to play with.

All other bed huds are available to tinker with in the freestanding rezzing vendor near the bed.